NHL Draft 2020 – Sweden


  1. Lucas Raymond – SHL – RW – March, 28, 2002 – H: 5’11
    • 33 (GP) – 4 (G) – 6 (A) – 10 (Pts)
    • Intelligent, complete winger with great speed.
    • Puck Prose: He has an endless amount of potential. His floor is safe as well, as he is solid in all three zones and is extremely efficient with his shot.
    • Projection:  Top 5
  2. Alexander Holtz – SHL – RW – 2002-01-23 – H: 6′
    • 35 (GP) – 9 (G)  – 7 (A) – 16 (Pts)
    • Excellent vision, he’s known as a goal scoring forward.
    • NHL:  “Holtz is an elite goal scorer,” said Sweden WJC coach Tomas Monten. “He has a great shot, wants to shoot, and wants to be the guy that finishes every play. I think he’s a little bit stronger than [Raymond] and has a little more muscle and weight but I think Lucas has more speed.“Holtz works hard, goes to the dirty areas and wants to be a difference-maker. In some ways Holtz and Raymond complete each other, but [Raymond] is more of a playmaker and Holtz more a finisher.”
    • Projection:  Top 10
  3. Noel Gunler – SHL – RW/LW – 2001-10-07 – H: 6’2
    • 45 (GP) – 4 (G) – 9 (A) – 13 (Pts)
    • Solid, defensively responsible player with good offensive instincts.
    • The Draft Analyst: A dual threat winger who can humble a defense with timely gear shifting and a deadly shot-release combination, Gunler has one of the draft’s most impressive skill sets when it comes to creating and finishing plays.
    • Projection:  10 – 20
  4. William Wallinder – Super-Elite/Allvenskan – D 28-Jul-02 – 6’4
    • SuperElit – 37 – 5 – 19 – 24
    • Allsvenskan – 18 –  0 –  2 –  2
    • Minute eating two-way defenseman with good size and mobility.
    • Future Scope Hockey: William Wallinder is one of the top defensemen in the 2020 draft, and one of the most unique. His blend of size, speed, and skill should have him selected within the first 2 rounds.
    • Projection:  20 – 40
  5. Helge Grans – Super-Elite/SHL – D – 2002-05-10 – 6’3
    • SHL – 21 (GP) – 1 (G) – 2 (A) – 3 (Pts)
    • Super-Elite 27 (GP) – 4 (G) – 23 (A) – 27 (Pts)
    • Offensive defenseman with good size.
    • Doober Prospects: An offensive defenseman with great size and a right-handed shot. A great skater who glides smoothly and uses his edges very well. Owns very good puck skills and a good shot. Needs to improve his decision-making and defensive play. Projects to become a middle-pair defenseman at the NHL level.
    • Projection:  20 – 40
  6. Emil Andrae
    • Pos:  D – DOB – H: 5’9
    • League: SuperElite – 40 11 27 38
    • Notes
      • High-end offensive instincts and hockey sense.
      • Skating is a plus, specifically his edgework and mobility
      • Size will be his main knock and whether he can play a top four role or if projects as a PP.
      • There’s potential he could slip into the first round.
    • Projection:  2nd – 3rd
  7. Zion Nybeck
    • Pos:  RW – DOB – 12-May-02 – H: 5’8
    • League: SuperElit – GP  36 – G 19 – A 34 – 53 (Pts)
    • Notes:
      • Small offensive winger
      • Excellent effort
      • Solid on his skates and willing to go to the tough areas.
    • Projection:  2nd – 3rd
  8. Theodor Niederbach
    • Pos:  C – DOB – 2002-02-25 – H: 5’11
    • League: SuperElit –  40 – 15 – 33 – 48
    • Notes:
      • Missed all of the 18-19 season with a knee injury.
      • Smart play-making center that plays a two-way game.
      • Had a solid finish to the season.
    • Projection: 2nd – 3rd
  9. Oskar Magnusson
    • Pos: C/LW – DOB – 2002-01-31 – H: 5’10
    • League: SuperElit – 38 – 22 – 26 – 48
    • Notes
      • Good offensive numbers.
      • Smart two-way forward.
      • Effective on the PK
    • Projection:  4th – 5th
  10. Emil Heineman
    • Pos:  LW – DOB: 16-Nov-01 – H – 6′
    • League: SuperElit – 29 – 26 – 15 – 41
    • League:  SHL – 11 – 0 – 2 – 2
    • Notes
      • Smart two-way player.
      • He’s a solid skater good edge-work.
      • Could project as a middle-six forward.
    • Projection:  4th – 5th
  11. Daniel Torgersson
    • Pos: LW – DOB: 26-Jan-02 H: 6’3
    • League: SuperElit 39 26 18 44
    • Notes:
      • Good size, skill combination
      • Plays a responsible game.
      • Like to see a bit more offense.
    • Projection:  4th – 5th
  12. Anton Johannesson
    1. Defense – DOB: 2002-03-26 – H: 5’9
    2. League: SuperElit 20 8 16 24
    3. Notes
      1. High-end offensive defensman.
      2. Injury history and has defensive concerns
      3. High upside.  He’s likely a good gamble in the middle rounds.  He was ahead of Emil Andrae in points / game but could likely be had two rounds later.
    4. Projection:  4th – 5th (Sleeper)


Late Rounders:

Player POS DOB H League PPG
Adam Wilsby (D) D 07-Aug-00 6′ Allsvenskan  0.73
Oliver Tärnström C 30-Aug-02 6′ SuperElit 0.83
Hugo Styf D 25-Aug-02 6’1 SuperElit 0.50
Lucas Ramberg D 30-Jun-02 6′ SuperElit 0.50
Linus Öberg C/W 18-Jul-00 6′ SHL 0.22
Isak Garfvé C/W 14-Feb-02 6’3 SuperElit 0.92
Elliot Ekmark C 29-Jan-02 5’9 SuperElit 0.84
Leo Lööf D 25-Apr-02 6’1 SuperElit 0.35
Axel Kumlin D 23-Feb-02 6′ SuperElit 0.39
Calle Spaberg Olsen LW 19-Feb-02 6′ SuperElit 0.76
Simon Andersson C 17-Sep-01 6′ SuperElit 0.83
  • Wilsby is an overager. High end offensive defenseman. Needs to improve defensive side of his game and skating. He’s a good puckmoving defenseman.  He could possibly be a top 100 pick.
  • Tarnstrom has a late birthday. Son of former NHLer Dick Tarnstrom. He’s a smart playmaking center. Sleeper
  • Styf is a physical defender. Needs to improve his skating.
  • Ramberg is a smooth skating defender. Needs to improve defensive side of this game.
  • Oberg is an overager. Had a solid season in SHL, represented Sweden at the World Junior’s. Decent two-way player, who really improved this season.
  • Garfve has excellent size and solid offensive numbers. He’s a net presense on the PP.
  • Ekmark is a small playmaking center.
  • Loof is a solid defenseman with good size and mobility.
  • Kumlin is a good right-hand shot defensive dman with a decent point shot.
  • Olsen had a strong start in Sweden (played some SHL games) but faded as the season wore on. Rogel was a low scoring team.
  • Andersson is on a couple of scouting lists but he’s a late birthday and doesn’t have much offense

2020 NHL Draft – Junior

Player (Position) – League
Carter Savoie (LW) – AJHL

  • Dobber Prospects:  A good skater who possesses a wicked shot. Savoie seems to have the puck on a string and he is always looking to attack offensively.

Michael Benning (D) – AJHL

  • Edmonton Sun:  He competes every night, he’s elusive, he’s sneaky good. He’s a guy that likes to get up the ice a lot and join the rush. He’s shifty. You watch him play and are mesmerized by the fact that even when he looks like he’s in deep, deep trouble, he’s not really in trouble. He’s so calm and cool.

Ethan Bowen (C) – BCHL

  • Bowen is a big 6’2 center playing with Chilliwack.  He’s slated to go to North Dakota after this season.

Devon Levi (G) – CCHL

Georgi Larshin (F) – GMHL

  • Russian in the GMHL.  Not likely to be drafted.

Casey Roepke (D)

  • Small puck moving defensemen.

Garrett Szydlowski (RW)

  • Small offensive forward.


NHL Draft 2018 – Links

Oiler’s Future Profiles




Oiler’s Future Top 50 Defense

1 Rasmus Dahlin Franchise Defenseman
2 Evan Bouchard Power Play QB elite hockey sense
3 Quinn Hughes Small positionally sound calm defenseman.
4 Noah Dobson Big RHD smooth skating.  Complete defenseman
5 Adam Boqvist Smooth skating offensive dman
6 Ty Smith Smart, efficent dman
7 Bode Wilde Size, strength, skating & shot.
8 K’Andre Miller High upside defender with excellent skillset.
9 Rasmus Sandin Undersized smart, calm dman.
10 Calen Addison Offensive dman with good vision.
11 Jared McIsaac Smart mobile defensive dman
12 Ryan Merkley Risky pick.  High ceiling but concerns about attitude
13 Nic Beaudin Intelligent puckmover with excellent vision.
14 Alexander Alexeyev Steady dman
15 Jacob Bernard-Docker Smart solid two-way defenseman
16 Matthias Samuelsson Reliable shutdown defender.
17 Danila Zhuravlyo Sleeper.  Solid puck moving defenseman
18 Jonny Tychonick Smaller defender with high end skating
19 Alec Regula Smooth skating defensive dman
20 Jett Woo Hard hitting smooth skating dman
21 Sean Durzi Offensive defender with terrific mobility
22 Scott Perunovich Offensive defenseman with excellent vision.
23 Nils Lundvist Small puckmoving dman.
24 Kevin Bahl Huge defender projects as a shutdown defender
25 Stanislav Demin Smooth skating shutdown defender.
26 Axel Anderson Smart RHD.
27 Adam Ginning Projects as a shutdown dman
28 Martin Fehérváry Good sized mobile defender plays a physical game.
29 Xavier Bernard Good size, smart two-way dman
30 Ty Emberson Calm, defender good skater
31 Giovanni Vallati Excellent skater and good puck mover.
32 Joey Keane Calm, puckmoving defender.
33 Seth Barton Smart physical defender
34 Filip Kral Calm, intelligent dman
35 Xavier Bouchard Good size, smart likely a shutdown defender
36 Jacob Ragnarsson Smart player son of Magnus.
37 Danila Galenyuk Big physical defenseman.
38 Jordan Harris Smooth skating, puck moving defenseman
39 Adam Samuelsson Big stay-at-home defender.
40 Toni Utunen Smart puckmoving defenseman.
41 Santeri Salmela Defensive defenseman not much offense
42 Merrick Rippon Physical hard-htting dman.
43 Sean Comrie Puckmoving defenseman.
44 Adam McCormick Small defenseman with good hockey sense.
45 Juuso Ketola Offensive RHD average skater
46 Tommy Miller Physical shutdown dman
47 Adam Thilander Overager good vision smart defender
48 Marc Del Gaizo Small puckmoving dman.
49 Michael Kesselring Toolsy type defenseman.
50 Jack Lagerstrom Big RHD solid defensively.

Oiler’s Future Top 100 Forwards

1 Andrei Svechnikov Elite high-end winger.
2 Oliver Wahlstrom Dynamic goalscoring winger with good size.
3 Filip Zadina High-end goal scorer
4 Jesperi Kotkaniemi Second line center that plays in all situations.
5 Brady Tkachuk Smart complete physical player.
6 Joseph Veleno Speedy two-way center.  Had an excellent second half.
7 Vitali Kravtsov Smooth goal-scoring Russian
8 Joel Farabee Smart competitor with good offense.
9 Barrett Hayton Hayton is a tough minute center with offensive upside.
10 Rasmus Kupari Slick offensive forward
11 Serron Noel Big power forward that can skate well.
12 Akil Thomas Right hand shot playmaking center with good hockey sense
13 Ty Dellandrea Big center with good hockey IQ.  Plays in all situations.
14 Martin Kaut Offensively gifted winger.
15 Jacob Olofsson Smooth skating center with good size.
16 Isac Lundeström Two-way center playing in the SHL.
17 Jake Wise Outstanding skater with good vision and hockey sense.
18 Jakub Lauko Speedy center with good offense.
19 Ryan McLeod Good size, speed and smart.
20 Filip Hallander Smart playmaking forward.
21 Grigori Denisenko Elite skating Russian.
22 Dominik Bokk Good skating forward with excellent hands.
23 Jonatan Berggren Small winger with solid offensive instincts.
24 Jesse Ylonen Smooth skating offensive winger.
25 Jack Drury Intelligent forward can play up and down the line.
26 Jay O’Brien Skilled dynamic scorer.
27 Jack McBain Good offensive player needs to improve skating.
28 David Gustafsson Reliable two-way forward.
29 Benoit-Olivier Groulx Hard-working two-way forward.
30 Philipp Kurashev Smart, creative playmaking forward.
31 Allan McShane Hardworking playmaking center.
32 Blake McLaughlin Solid offensive forward.
33 Cameron Hillis Small right-hand shot center plays a complete game.
34 Liam Foudy Elite level skater, with emerging offense.
35 Aidan Dudas Hardworking small scorer.
36 Alexander Khovanov Skilled playmaker with excellent vision.
37 Johnny Gruden Intelligent hardworking forward with good speed.
38 Albin Eriksson Big power forward.
39 Gabriel Fortier Speedy buzzsaw winger.
40 Alex Steeves Offensive forward willing to engage physically.
41 Tyler Madden High-end speed good work ethic.  Son of John Madden
42 Jan Jeník Two-way winger with good size.
43 Curtis Douglas Huge center with solid offense.
44 Cole Fonstad Small skilled forward can play center or wing.
45 Sampo Ranta Boom/bust prospect.  Goal scorer.
46 Blade Jenkins Big skilled center
47 Kyle Topping Scored well 5×5 plays a complete game.
48 Pavel Gogolev He’s a goal-scorer with good speed.
49 Niklas Nordgren Skilled offensive winger.
50 Mathias Emilio Pettersen Solid skillset.
51 Matej Pekar Plays with motor and good offense.
52 Nathan Dunkley Physical forward good offense but skating concerns.
53 Anderson MacDonald Big power forward, stock has fallen.
54 Riley Sutter He’s a Sutter
55 Kody Clark He’s Wendel’s boy.  Physical forward.
56 Krystof Hrabik Big shutdown power forward.
57 Matthew Struthers Big hard-working center.  Improved as season progressed.
58 Ivan Morozov Intelligent right-hand shot center.
59 Nando Eggenberger Smart two-way player with good size.
60 Michal Kvasnica Good sized winger had a solid season in Czech2 season.
61 Curtis Hall Has size and responsible defensively.
62 Linus Nyman Smart, winger with solid offense.
63 Oscar Back Two-way center with size
64 Justin Almeida Overager scored well this year and plays in all situations.
65 Jáchym Kondelík He’s a 6’7 center with good hands.
66 Semyon Der-Arguchintsev Playmaking center one of the youngest players in the draft.
67 Dmitri Zavgorodny Small skilled energetic forward plays a solid two-way game.
68 David Lilja Smart skilled center.
69 Ryan O’Reilly Goal scoring forward.
70 Lenni Killinen Skates well, good size and nice shot.
71 Vladislav Kotkov Big winger with good offense.
72 Kirill Marchenko He’s a big goal scoring kid.
73 Jack Perbix Smart offensive forward.
74 Logan Hutsko Overager he’s a smaller player with good vision
75 Chase Wouters Complete player that should have a larger role this coming year.
76 Milos Roman Smart skilled center.
77 Ruslan Iskhakov Slick offensive Russian.
78 Karel Placek Small Czech forward with good offense.
79 Samuel Fagemo Good skating forward with speed.
80 Paul Cotter Speedy forward with good offense.
81 Connor Roberts Big forward with good speed.
82 Yegor Sokolov Big Russian good scored had consistency issues.
83 Luka Burzan Smart two-way center with good hockey sense.
84 Brendan Budy Crafty offensive forward
85 Shawn Boudrias Big forward scored well.  Is an overager.
86 Justin Brazeau He’s a huge winger that’s improved year over year.
87 Patrick Khodorenko Good sized center with good offense.  Needs to improve skating.
88 Nikolai Kovalenko Smart player built like a tank.
89 Marcus Westfalt Big center plays in all situtations.
90 Gavin Hain Energetic center.
91 Lukas Wernblom Small energatic offensive winger.
92 German Grachyov Small Russian winger with nice hands
93 Ryan Chyzowski Hard-working winger.
94 Patrick Giles He’s a big forward with power forward potential.
95 Johan Sodergran Good size smart player with upside
96 Riley Damiani Energy player that kills penalties and good forechecker.
97 Eric Florchuk Forward that can play up and down in the lineup.
98 Brandon Biro Hard working physical player.
99 Tyler Weiss Smaller player with good offense.
100 Jacob Pivonka He’s a two-way center.  Not much offense.


2018 NHL Draft – Goalies

Rank – Name – League – Height – GP – SV% – DOB – Projection

  1. Jakub Skarek – Czech – 6’3 – 21 – .913 – Nov, 10, 1999 – 2nd – 3rd
    • Solid calm butterfly goalie.  Has played against men (Czech-2) since he was 16 years old.
  2. Lukas Dostal – Czech2 – 6’1 – 20 – .921 – Jun 22, 2000 – 2nd – 3rd
    • Smaller goalie, playing in a semi-pro Czech league.  He’s athletic, able to track the puck and technically sound goalie.
  3. Justus Annunen – Finnish Junior – 6’4 – 26 – .907 – Mar 11, 2000 – 3rd – 4th
    • Annunen is a big, calm goalie, good rebound control.  Had a solid U18 tournament.  There’s problems with consistency.
  4. Olivier Rodrigue – QMJHL – 6’1 – 53 – .903 – Jul 06, 2000 – 3rd – 4th
    • He is quick, has excellent reflexes and very athletic.  He’s on the smaller side for a goalie.  He has good focus and technique.
  5. Amir Miftakhov – MHL – 6′ – 26 – .934 – Apr, 26, 2000 – 3rd – 4th
    • Posted excellent numbers this year for MHL.  Size will be his main concern.  He’s athletic, flexible and confident netminder.
  6. Alexis Gravel – QMJHL – 6’3 – 39 – .890 – Mar 21, 2000 – 4th – 6th
    • Was projected as the top goalie coming into the season.  He did not have a solid year.  SV% dipped and there are concerns about his movement.  He has the right size.
  7. Mitchell Gibson – NAHL – 6’1 – 43 – .935 – July 23, 1999 – 4th – 6th
    • Overager, had an incredible year in NAHL.  Committed to Harvard this year.  Good rebound control, solid mobility.
  8. Joel Hofer – WHL – 6’3 – 19 – .919 – Jul, 30, 2000 – 4th – 6th
    • Good sized goalie.  Plays a calm game.  Still a work in progress but should be the starter next season.  Good development goalie.
  9. Jacob Ingham – OHL – 6’4 – 43 – .880 – Jun, 10, 2000 – 4th – 6th
    • He is big, athletic kid.  Was projected to be one of the top goalies selected entering the season, but he had a horrible season.
  10. Jared Moe – USHL – 6’3 – 32 – .919 – July 22, 1999 – 4th – 6th
    • Heading to the U of Minn this year.  He pushed Flyers draft pick – Matej Tomek for time.  He has good size and athleticism.
  11. Kevin Mandolese – QMJHL – 6’4 – 37 – .884 – Aug 22, 2000 – 4th – 6th
    • He’s a young goalie, will turn 18 two months after the draft.  He’s got good size, fairly athletic needs to improve rebound control.  Development goalie.
  12. Dávid Hrenák – NCAA – 6’2 – 25 – .919 – May, 5, 1998 – 4th – 6th
    • Final year of draft eligibility had a good freshman year.  He’s calm, positionally sound goalie.
  13. Juraj Ovecka – NAHL – 6’6 – 24 – .924 – May, 01, 1999 – 4th – 6th
    • He’s a big overage goalie.  The NAHL has developed some nice goalies.  His numbers are similar to Ben Bishop at a similar stage.
  14. Jett Alexander – OJHL – 6’4 – 27 – .929 – Nov, 8, 1999 – 4th – 6th
    • Alexander has good size.  He is a solid puck handler and is agile in the net.
  15. Ivan Prosvetov – 6’5 – 36 – .913 – Mar, 05, 1999 – 4th – 6th
    • He’s a big Russian goalie, second year draft eligible.  He’s a good butterfly goalie, need to improve his glove hand.
  16. Jordan Kooy – OHL – 6’2 – 24 – .904 – Apr, 30, 2000 – 4th – 6th
    • Had a tough start to the season.  Settled in as the backup and posted solid numbers.  He’s an athletic goalie.
  17. David Tendeck – WHL – 6’1 – 48 – .912 – Nov 25, 1999 – 4th – 6th
    • Smaller goalie but put up solid numbers in the WHL this year.  He’s got an excellent glove hand and anticipates the play.
  18. Max Paddock – WHL – 6’2 – 33 – .904 – Jun, 15, 2000 – 4th – 6th
    • He is a raw athletic goalie that will have to work on his technique and positioning.
  19. Matthew Thiessen – MJHL – 6’2 – 34 – .923 – Jun 09, 2000 – 4th – 6th
    • Played in a lower Canadian junior league.  Heading to Maine.  Had an excellent playoff 14 GP with .943 SV%.  Could be a late round, draft and follow.
  20. Ty Taylor – BCHL – 6’3 – 31 – .931 – July 5, 1999 – 4th – 6th
    • Overager was the goalie of the year in the BCHL and committed to U of NH.  He’s a big composed goalie that tracks the puck well.
  21. Zachary Bouthillier – QMJHL – 6’2 – 38 – .894 – Nov, 8, 1999 – 4th – 6th
    • An averaged sized goalie that had a solid play-off.  Might be worth a late round selection.
  22. aasd

2018 NHL Draft – WHL


  1. Cole Fonstad (C/LW) – 2nd – 3rd
    • Fonstad is a skillful smaller forward with solid vision.  He works hard and is a good skater.  He will need to get stronger.
    • Future Considerations:  A cerebral thinker with soft hands and pinpoint-accurate passing, Fonstad does his best work when setting up his linemates for chances.
  2. Kyle Topping (C) – 2nd – 3rd
    • Topping had solid 5×5 numbers this past season, there’s concerns about how much was related to the quality of line-mates (Dube & Lind).  That said he’s a right-hand shot center that plays a complete game and is intelligent.
    • Future Considerations:  Topping is a headstrong skater who is dangerous off the rush thanks to his puck skill and ability to see play develop. While he has the ability to be ahead of the play mentally, his skating speed is average at best, and he often defers to his speedier, high skilled wingers to carry the puck a lot.
  3. Riley Sutter (RW) – 2nd – 3rd
    • He’s the son of Ron Sutter. Plays a physical game, is responsible defensively, works incredibly hard.  Essentially, Sutter is a Sutter.   I’d be suprised if he’s not selected in the second round.
    • Hockey Now:  Likes to play inside the dots and collect passes and get off a shot quickly. Good two-way player who calls himself a playmaker but the loves to shoot. Good anticipation gives him the edge to get in front of defenders and gain advantage of space in front of the net and around the crease. Does a good job of opening up space for himself and getting open.
  4. Justin Almeida (C) – 4th – 5th
    • Almeida had an excellent offensive season this year.  He works hard plays in all situations, is solid in the faceoff circle.  He reminds me of Leafs draft pick Justin Almeida.
  5. Chase Wouters (C/LW) – 4th – 5th
    • Wouters has been a player that has played in all situations, he works hard and his role continually increased as the season progressed.  He might project as a bottom six forward ‘checking’ forward but has potential to play up and down the lineup and versatile to play all forward positions.
  6. Milos Roman (C) – 4th – 6th
    • Slovakian is an intelligent smooth skating center.  Solid in his own zone.  He is more of a puck distributor than scorer.  He projects as a third or a fourth round selection.
  7. Luka Burzan (C) – 4th – 6th
    • Smart two-way center that increased his offense after a mid-season trade.  He’s a good skater, has good vision can score or be a setup man.
  8. Ryan Chyzowski (LW) – 4th – 6th
    • Chyzowski is son of former 2nd overall pick (Dave), he’s a player that is engaged in the play, works hard and is a smart player.  Does a lot of things good but nothing elite.  Likely projects as a mid-late round pick and could develop into a third line player
  9. Eric Florchuk (C) – 4th – 6th
    • Florchuk is a versatile forward that can play up and down the line-up and can play all forward positions.  He has good size and decent offensive numbers.  Improved his skating and willing to play a physical game.
  10. Jackson Leppard (LW) – 4th – 6th
    • Leppard is a winger with good size willing to play a physical game and goes to the net.  Decent skater, did not produce a lot of offense but he could be a late round pick.
  11. Riley Stotts (C) – 4th – 6th
    • Stotts is a reliable center-man that plays a two-way game.
  12. Kristian Reichel (C) – 4th – 6th
    • Reichel, son of former NHLer Robert, is a two-way center with a slight build that will rely on his hockey smarts.  He is regarded as a strong skater, good on faceoffs and kills penalties
Milos Roman (C) 39 32 0.82 5’11 L 1999-11-06
Riley Sutter (RW) 68 53 0.78 6’2 R 1999-10-25
Cole Fonstad (C/LW) 72 73 1.01 5’10 L 2000-04-24
Kyle Topping (C) 66 65 0.98 5’11 R 1999-11-18
Chase Wouters (C/LW) 72 51 0.71 6′ R 2000-02-08
Ryan Chyzowski (LW) 72 52 0.72 6′ L 2000-05-14
Eric Florchuk (C) 71 49 0.69 6’1 L 2000-01-10
Eli Zummack (C) 58 41 0.71 5’9 R 2000-03-22
Jackson Leppard (LW) 68 36 0.53 6’2 L 2000-01-18
Kristian Reichel (C) 63 57 0.90 6′ R  1998-06-11
Tristen Nielsen (C) 49 35 0.71 5’10 L 2000-02-23
Luka Burzan (C) 72 40 0.56 6′ L 2000-01-07
Justin Almeida (C/LW) 72 98 1.36 5’10 L 1999-02-06


  1. Ty Smith (D) – 10 – 15
    • Smith is a smart, efficient puck moving defenseman that is reliable in his own-zone as well.  Likely a top 15 selection in this seasons draft.  Size is a concern at 5’11 and he may not have elite upside but he projects a solid selection that projects a top four defense and possibly a power play QB.
  2. Calen Addison (D) – 25 – 45
    • Addison is a puckmoving defenseman, he’s more of a puck distributer than a point shot on the power play.  He’s got a good work ethic, superb skater and high end hockey sense.  Projected to be an early second round pick.
  3. Alexander Alexeyev (D) 25 – 45
    • The big Russian is a stead defenseman that likely projects more as a top-4 shutdown defender that can play a lot of minutes.  He has a good outlet pass and scored well 5×5 this past season.
  4. Jett Woo (D) – 2nd – 3rd
    • Woo has a great name, like an 80’s or 90’s action star.  He plays a physical hard hitting game.  He’s not the tallest player but he’s solid.  Woo can skate, is positionally sound has a good shot.
  5. Filip Král (D) – 4th – 6th
    • Kral is an intelligent, puck moving defenseman that plays a calm game.  Needs to improve his skating.  He’s an underrated defender, that puts up solid numbers this season in the WHL.
  6. Libor Zábranský (D) – 4th – 6th
    • Smooth skating right hand shot defenseman.  He had a subpar offensive season this past year.  Might be a late round selection based on potential.
  7. Chase Hartje (D)
    • Smaller smooth skating defenseman with good offensive potential.
  8. Wyatte Wylie (D)
    • He’s a steady right hand shot defenseman.  He works hard, plays a physical game.
Ty Smith (D) 69 73 1.06 5’11 L 2000-03-24
Calen Addison (D) 68 65 0.96 5’11 R 2000-04-11
Alexander Alexeyev (D) 45 37 0.82 6’3 L 1999-11-15
Jett Woo (D) 44 25 0.57 6′ R 2000-07-27
Filip Král (D) 54 35 0.65 6′ L 1999-10-20
Chase Hartje (D) 48 25 0.52 5’11 L 1999-12-17
Libor Zábranský (D) 72 19 0.26 6’1 R 2000-05-26
Wyatte Wylie (D) 72 31 0.43 6′ R 1999-11-02

2018 NHL Entry Draft – QMJHL

Here is potential QMJHL draft choices in the 2018 NHL entry draft.

  1. Filip Zadina (LW) – Top 5
    • Gifted goal-scoring winger with a quick release and ability find open spaces.  He’s responsible defensively, strong skater and has a solid work ethic.
    • TSN:  Zadina is a determined and hungry scorer. He has the ability to score in multiple ways between the dots and from the top of the circles in the offensive zone. He possesses an excellent release that makes it very hard for goalies to get a read on his shot.
  2. Joseph Veleno (C) – 10 – 20
    • He’s a defensively responsible forward with good offensive instincts, exceptional skating, good size & excellent work ethic.  Production was not strong early on but after the trade to Drummondville he scored 1.45 PPG.  Might not project as a true number one center but he could be a complete center that’s trusted in all situations.  Compared to Nuge.
    • NHL.com: His hockey sense just stands out like a sore thumb. The vision and the poise and the composure … he plays like a veteran out there. But he doesn’t have swag. He has savviness to his game. He’s got that finesse and that touch when you need it, but he also has that inner drive and compete that stands out in a game where he’s not going to be denied on the play.
  3. Benoit-Olivier Groulx (C) – 2nd – 3rd
    • Hard-working two-way forward, can play in all situations.  Projects as a middle six forward there’s concerns with his skating and that could lead him to be a winger at the next level.  Scored well at even strength.  He’s a smart player, understands the game well.
  4. Alexander Khovanov © – 2nd – 3rd
    • Smart skilled playmaker with good vision and excellent hands.  Was sick for the first part of the season.  Has first round potential.  but concerns over skating and there were health issues this year which lead to lack of playing time.
    • Last Word on Hockey:  Khovanov could be a real boom or bust prospects. There are flashes of elite skill, and the potential to be a top line centre in the NHL. However, there are some deficiencies in his skating, his strength, and his overall endurance. The question NHL teams will face revolves around the illness.
  5. Philipp Kurashev (C) – 2nd – 3rd
    • The Swiss center is a creative, intelligent setup man that plays a two-way game.  There is some consistency issues & is more of a perimeter player.  He has the skills & exceptional skating ability to develop into a top six forward.
    • Hockey Now:  Excellent offensive instincts and is always ready to create offence from all areas in the offensive zone. Slick and creative puck handler who isn’t the fastest skater but has good agility and a low centre of gravity to protect puck on the fly. Good vision through traffic and good anticipation and reaction to developing defensive coverage. Good playmaker who has soft hands and likes to send cross-ice passes to his wingers. Collects the puck very delicately and likes to keep his head up and look for the best play in front of him – whether it is skating with the puck or passing.
  6. Gabriel Fortier (LW) – 2nd – 3rd
    • Small buzz-saw type winger with splendid skating ability, tenacious forechecker and solid offensive upside.  He projects to be a player that can play up & down the line-up.
    • Draft Analyst:  Speedy, hard-nosed center who plays a 200-foot game and competes hard every shift. Fortier is a threat to score in any situation, including while on the penalty kill. He’s shown great patience and a soft touch around the net, and he’s capable of setting up chances off of board battles. Fortier is more of a finisher than a set-up guy, but he plays a high-speed game and the puck always seems to find him.
  7. Anderson MacDonald (LW) – 4th – 6th
    • Projects as a power forward, he has good size can skate well and a nice shot.  His draft stock has fallen a bit this year, was a potential 1st round pick.  He seems to be a 3rd rounder based on current projections.
  8. Dmitri Zavgorodny (C) – 4th – 6th
    • Small, smart skilled Russian forward that plays with energy.  He has good vision and plays a two-way game.  Size & skating are the concerns, for a smaller player he doesn’t have high-end speed.  Could be selected within the first three rounds.
  9. Vladislav Kotkov (RW) – 4th – 6th
    • Big, powerful winger with good offensive instincts.  Plays a physical game, has a powerful skating stride will go to the tough areas.  Uses his size and reach.  Needs to work on his defensive game and be more consistent.  Projects as a power forward.
  10. Yegor Sokolov (RW) – 4th – 6th
    • Big Russian, first year in North America.  Goal-scoer that loves to shoot the puck.  Had a rough stretch in the middle of the season around the time Batherson was dealt.  Started the year with 27 points in 29 games (.93 PPG), from mid-Dec to end of Feb he had 9 points in 27 games (.33 PPG) and then he finished stronger 6 points in 8 games (.75 PPG) for March.  There are concerns regarding his skating and consistency.  He has power forward potential and could be good value in the middle rounds.
  11. Luke Henman (C) – 4th – 6th
    • Smart player that needs to improve his strength.  He works hard and has good puck skills, more of a playmaker than a goal-scorer.  Solid offensive numbers.
  12. Andrew Coxhead (C)
    • Big (6’2) right-hand shot center with a good two-way game.  Needs to improve skating.
  13. Shawn Boudrias (RW)
    • An overager he was the youngest player eligible for last years draft.  Boudrias is a big power forward prospects, needs to improve his skating.
  14. Cedric Desruisseaux
    • Small player (5’8) but has good puck skills and can score he finished second behind Zadina in 5×5 GPG.


Filip Zadina (LW) 57 82 1.44 6’1 L 1999-11-27 Top 5
Joseph Veleno (C) 64 79 1.23 6’1 L 2000-01-13 10 – 15
Benoit-Olivier Groulx (C) 68 55 0.81 6’1 L 2000-02-06 2nd – 3rd
Alexander Khovanov © 29 28 0.97 5’11 L 2000-04-12 2nd – 3rd
Philipp Kurashev (LW/C) 59 60 1.02 6′ L 1999-10-12 2nd – 3rd
Gabriel Fortier (LW) 66 59 0.89 5’10 L 36562 2nd – 3rd
Anderson MacDonald (LW) 58 45 0.78 6’2 L 2000-05-16 2nd – 3rd
Dmitri Zavgorodny (C) 62 47 0.76 5’9 R  2000-08-11 2nd – 3rd
Vladislav Kotkov (RW) 61 49 0.80 6’4 R 2000-01-08 4th – 6th
Matthew Grouchy (RW) 63 34 0.54 6’1 L 1999-11-19 4th – 6th
Yegor Sokolov (RW) 64 42 0.66 6’3 R 2000-06-07 4th – 6th
Luke Henman (C) 61 47 0.77 6′ L 2000-04-29 4th – 6th
Andrew Coxhead (C) 68 25 0.37 6’2 R 2000-04-11 4th – 6th
Shawn Boudrias (RW) 60 60 1.00 6’5 R  1999-09-14 4th – 6th

Former QMJHL first round NHL selections from 2011 – 2017.

Nic Ehlers 63 49 55 104 1.650794
Pierre Luc Dubois 62 42 57 99 1.596774
Mikhail Grigorenko 33 30 24 54 1.636364
Sean Couturier 58 36 60 96 1.655172
Anthony Mantha 67 50 39 89 1.328358
Frederik Gauthier 62 22 38 60 0.967742
Julien Gauthier 54 41 16 57 1.055556
Phillip Danault 64 23 44 67 1.046875
Emile Poirier 65 32 38 70 1.076923
Timo Meier 61 44 46 90 1.47541
Zack Phillips 67 38 57 95 1.41791
Nico Hischier 57 38 48 86 1.508772
Evgeny Svechnikov 55 32 46 78 1.418182
Anthony Beauvillier 67 42 52 94 1.402985
Nathan MacKinnon 44 32 43 75 1.704545
Jonathan Drouin 49 41 64 105 2.142857
Jonathan Huberdeau 67 43 62 105 1.567164


  1. Noah Dobson (D) – 5 – 10
    • Big right-hand shot defenseman with effortless skating.  He’s a complete defenseman that has top pairing potential.  His play in the Memorial Cup likely solified Dobson being the first QMJHL defenseman to be selected inside the top 10 since Luc Bourdon in 2005.
    • Montreal Gazette:  The smooth-skating Dobson was the top-scoring defenceman in the tournament (two goals, five assists in four games) as he helped the Acadie-Bathurst Titan win the title. Dobson averaged better than a point a game last season with 17 goals and 52 assists in 67 games. His offensive numbers tend to overshadow the fact that he is a solid defensive player who uses his positioning skills to take away time and space from opposing players. He has excellent size with the potential to add strength.
  2. Jared McIsaac (D) – 16 – 30
    • Smart defenseman, good skater that’s hard to play against.  The offense is solid but he only had .32 PPG @ 5×5. He projects as a shutdown defender that can move the puck, but isn’t going to put up many points.
    • Habs Eye on the Prize:  “Jared wants to be better every day,” Midgley said. “He wants to work on his shot, he wants to improve his shot and the defensive side of [his game] too. It’s going to come. It’s a process. We understand that, and we’re doing our best to get him better.”
  3. Nicolas Beaudin (D) – 1st – 2nd
    • Beaudin is an intelligent, puck moving defenseman with excellent vision.  He is solid in his own end, uses his elusiveness to make plays but there will be concerns about size.  Likely to be selected in the 2nd round.
    • NHL.com:  “He’s such a smart guy with his hockey sense and his vision of the game,” said Dominique Ducharme, who was general manager and coach of Drummondville this season prior to leaving to become an assistant coach with the Montreal Canadiens on April 27. “He often sees a play developing in advance, he knows what will happen, he has good anticipation. He is a proud guy who defends the right way and keeps getting better at it.”
  4. Xavier Bernard (D) – 2nd – 3rd
    • Bernard has good size and can play a two-way game.  He’s an intelligent defender, that’s likely to project as a second pairing defender.
    • Canucks Army:  Bernard is the prototypical two-way defenceman who can defend well, move the puck well and chip in offensively when needed. He skates well, already has NHL size and plays in all three zones.
  5. Xavier Bouchard (D) – 2nd – 3rd
    • Bouchard is a big right-hand shot defenseman, smart and good vision.  Did not bring much offense this season.  He’s likely projected as a shutdown defender.
    • Sportsnet:  Highly competitive with good size, Bouchard is a throwback with an understated all-around game.
  6. Adam McCormick (D) – 4th – 6th
    • Small defenseman with good hockey sense and solid skating.  He has the ability to move the puck.  Size & strength might be an issue.  The ability to have focus as the McCormick family (mother) was going through health issues.
  7. Saku Vesterinen (D) 4th – 6th
    • Second year draft eligible.  He’s a right hand shot defenseman, that plays a smart two-way game.
  8. Michal Ivan (D) – 4th – 6th
    • He’s an averaged sized defender that plays a simple game, likely more of a shutdown defender.
Noah Dobson (D) 67 69 1.03 6’3 R 2000-01-07
Jared McIsaac (D) 65 47 0.72 6’1 L 2000-03-27
Nicolas Beaudin (D) 68 69 1.01 5’11 L 1999-10-07
Xavier Bernard (D) 66 35 0.53 6’2 L 2000-01-06
Adam McCormick (D) 67 37 0.55 5’11 L 2000-06-25
Xavier Bouchard (D) 65 21 0.32 6’3 R  2000-02-28
Michal Ivan (D) 48 17 0.35 6’1 L 1999-11-18

2018 NHL Draft – OHL Defense

Here are 16 potential OHL defenseman that could be selected in the 2018 NHL entry draft.


  1. Evan Bouchard (D)
    • High end offensive ability, good size with brilliant vision and ability to make a solid outlet pass.  Can be a power play QB, good puck distributor and hard shot from the point.
    •  Blue Shirt Banter:  He’s a perfectly average skater. He doesn’t possess fancy stickhandling skills. He’s a robust 6’2, 192 pound player, but hardly a behemoth on the ice. With many of the others – Hughes, Boqvist, Dobson, etc. – it will only take a few shifts for their abilities to immediately jump out at you.   Bouchard’s impact becomes clear only after watching him for a while and analyzing the data. If you empirically test his individual abilities in isolation, nothing will stand out. Once you put him on the ice with nine other skaters playing within the structure of a game, though, his impact is massive.
  2. Ryan Merkley (D)
    • Merkley has a high ceiling but is a risky pick due to attitude, defensive awareness & consistency concerns.  However, he is a high-end offensive defenseman, excellent passer, good speed.  Projects as either a bust or a second pairing PP specialist.
    • The Hockey News:  “Anyone you talk to about him, there’s going to be a ‘but…’ ” said one scout. “His ability to skate and make plays – not many players are like him. But everyone is asking if he’s the next Anthony D’Angelo, with the bad attitude and the lack of emotional control. Defensively he has to get better – at times it seems like he’s bored with defending.”
  3. Rasmus Sandin (D) – 15 – 30
    • Sandin is an undersized defender that is calm and has excellent hockey IQ.    His 5×5 PPG (.55) are second to Evan Bouchard for 1st year draft eligible players.  Smooth skater but doesn’t have elite skating ability.  Likely projects as a 2nd pairing defenseman.
    • OHL Writers:  Smart is an adjective you will hear a lot about Sandin. Any disadvantage he has, he overcomes because of it. In the defensive zone he possesses excellent gap control with near flawless positioning with his body or very active stick.
  4. Sean Durzi (D) – 2nd – 3rd
    • Smart, offensive defender with terrific mobility.  He’s able to carry the puck out of the zone or make quick outlet pass.  He has an excellent point shot and projects as a power play QB.
    • The Draft Analyst:   Teams may be kicking themselves one day if they continue to overlook this mobile two-way blueliner who is one of the OHL’s top puck distributors. The stats may seem like it is he who benefits from playing on a solid team with firepower, but watching him closely reveals a key cog who makes smart decisions with his breakouts and is as reliable a power-play quarterback as you’ll find.
  5. Alec Regula (D) – 2nd – 3rd
    • Young (August birthday), smooth skating defensive defenseman that did not provide much offense.  However, all his offense came on even strength and had 17 points in his final 30 games.
    • OHL Prospects:  He’s 6’4 and has excellent mobility, especially straight ahead where his long strides help him gain the neutral zone with relative ease on some occasions. He’s raw though. Physically, he’s not developed yet. He’s an August birth date and he needs to add bulk to that wiry frame. That will help him be a more effective defensive player. Offensively, he oozes potential. Has the ability to go end to end and his mobility is an asset.
  6. Kevin Bahl (D) – 2nd – 3rd
    • Likely to be selected in the first 3 rounds.  He is a huge (6’6) defender, he’s a good skater for a big guy and uses his stick effectively.  He doesn’t have much upside currently in the offensive sense and he projects as a defensive defender.
    • Hockey Now:  Huge blue liner has seen his confidence shoot through the roof this year and has been really impressive this season. He can assess a situation and react accordingly. Not the fastest skater but good mobility and keeps up with the play well for a kid his size. Not phased by pressure forecheckers and shows patience with the puck. Seals the wall and likes to chip in offensively and has underrated offensive skills. Skates well in the offensive zone moving off the line and pinching along the wall.
  7. Giovanni Vallati (D)
    • Good size, excellent skater and solid puck possession skill-set.  He’s a playmaker from the point.  Makes a good outlet pass.
  8. Joey Keane (D) – 4th – 6th
    • Right-hand shot overage defenseman with average size.  He is a smooth skater, calm defenseman that has improved his defensive game.  OHL Prospects has him rated ahead of Sean Durzi.
  9. Merrick Rippon (D)
    • Rippon is a physical hard-hitting defenseman.  Solid defensive game he plays well positionally.  Did not bring much offense.
  10. Caleb Everett (D)
    • Plays a smart defensive game, is a mobile defensive defender.  Has some offensive upside.  Did not finish the season strong.
  11. Connor Corcoran (D)
    • Average size two-way right-hand shot defender with good mobility.  Good job in his own zone and he’s has upside offensively.
  12. Declan Chisholm (D)
    • Excellent skater, good mobility, with offensive upsdie and from a skill standpoint he is a player that should be selected earlier.  However, he didn’t have a great offensive season and there’s questionable hockey sense, he makes poor decisions.
  13. Tyler Tucker (D)
    • Good size (6’1), physical stay at home defender.  Makes a good outlet pass.  Works hard and is coaches player.  Majority of his points were 5×5.  Needs to improve his skating.
  14. Adam Thilander (D)
    • Thilander is an overage right hand shot defenseman with good vision, plays a smart game and solid skater.
  15. Nico Gross (D)
    • Swiss defender plays a physical game.  He’s a smooth skating defender plays a physically aggressive style.
  16. Carter Robertson (D)

2018 NHL Draft – OHL Forwards

From 2011 – 2017 there were 184 (average 26 / year) forwards selected out of the OHL in the NHL entry draft.

  • 1st Round – 46
  • 2nd Round – 32
  • 3rd Round – 32
  • 4th Round – 21
  • 5th Round – 15
  • 6th Round – 23
  • 7th Round – 15

The majority (60%) are selected in the first three rounds.

Here is the top 30 OHL prospects for the 2018 NHL entry draft.

  1. Andrei Svechnikov (RW) – 2nd – 5th Overall
    • The top forward prospect in the draft.  He has size, vision, hockey sense and an elite offensive talent.  One noted draft expert Steve Kournianos has stated that Svechnikov should be considered for first overall based on history.  I’d highly recommend reading this article.
    • NBCSports:  Svechnikov came in as the top North American player because of his ability to do special things on offense, whether it’s scoring, stickhandling, protecting the puck, etc. To go along with that, he’s one of the smoothest and fastest skaters in this draft, making him incredibly difficult to defend.His defensive game is a work in progress, but his ability to score in multiple ways and create space for teammates makes him perhaps the top forward in this draft.
  2. Barrett Hayton (C) – 10 – 20th Overall
    • Hayton has been projected to be a two-way tough minute center and has been compared to Patrice Bergeron by several draft analysts.  Hayton has good size scored at just below a point per game.
    • The Hockey Writers:  Hayton’s upside is a Patrice Bergeron type who can excel at both ends of the ice especially defensively. This is high praise for someone who played the season behind Morgan Frost on the depth chart. He’s at worst a 3C at the next level which makes his floor higher than most. At this point, I see him as a solid 2C with upside.
  3. Serron Noel (RW) – 15 – 30
    • Big player with skill with a solid work ethic.  Spent last off-season working on his skating.  He is one of the top power forwards in this draft.
    • OHL Writers:  He’s improved his skating so much, that it is very noticeable. He moves so well for a player of his size. His long strides allow him to put separation between himself and an opponent. He has the agility of a much smaller player. Combined with his stickhandling abilities, he can beat defenders one-on-one. In fact, Noel has been known to go on end-to-end rushes and when he does, he brings Generals’ fans to the edge of their seats.
  4. Akil Thomas (C) – 15 – 30
    • Thomas is a right-hand shot playmaking center who is responsible defensively.  He has superior vision and hockey sense.  He is a  little undersized at 5’11.
    • Future Considerations:  Thomas is a quick, game-breaking offensive talent…skating ability is top-notch;…his ability to carry and control the puck at top speed is impressive…his puck control also can lead to some eye-popping moves, and he dominates one-on-one situations with a combination of skating, awareness and stickhandling ability…a very deadly shot with firecracker release…not currently strong enough to be a presence in board battles, but he’s not afraid to go after bigger players in the corner and initiate contact on the forecheck either…has the potential to become the complete offensive package in the NHL
  5. Ty Dellandrea (C) – 2nd – 3rd (Projection)
    • Good sized right hand shot center with solid offensive totals.
    • Fan Rag Sports:  A two-way center, Dellandrea can do it all. He puts up points and he plays on both the power play and the penalty kill. His hockey IQ is great. He reads the ice well, using his vision to find opportunities others may not see, and his positioning is solid. His puckhandling skills allow him to create space for himself. He also makes smart defensive plays, using his positioning and his stick to break up opponents’ opportunities.
  6. Ryan McLeod (C) – 15 – 30 (Projection)
    • McLeod has good size, speed and intelligence.  He had a breakout season this year.  Despite his size he’s not much of a physical presence.  Will need to take on more of an offensive leadership role with 5 of Mississauga’s top 7 scorers  moving on.
    • Sportsnet:  One of the most fascinating players in this draft class. At this point, the parts are greater than the sum. If and when it all comes together, you have a player who should impact the game at the next level.
  7. Allan McShane (C) – 2nd – 3rd
    • McShane is a playmaking center with good vision & high hockey IQ.  Averaged above a PPG this past year.  He has a solid work ethic.  There are concerns about his skating and he’s a little undersized will need to get stronger.
    • NHL:  “He’s a go-to guy with our team already at 17 years old,” Nemisz said. “That’s exactly the mindset he has. He’s an extremely smart player. He makes everyone around him better and he sees plays happening a couple seconds before other guys around him realize what’s going on. He’s just a really smart player.”
  8. Cameron Hillis (C) – 2nd – 3rd
    • Smaller right-hand shot center that plays a complete game.  Goes to the tough areas, excellent vision.  Had good point totals this past year.  Concerns about skating.
    • Draft Site:  Undersized center with skill and decent instincts in the attack zone. long term project who needs more strength, and for a center, is not very productive in the dot. He gets taken off the puck and more importantly, he seems to bolt up ice in anticipation to his team taking possession and leaves his check, anticipating transitions that many times do not come to past. Needs to improve a better 200 foot game.
  9. Liam Foudy (C) – 2nd – 3rd
    • Foudy is a speedster he has elite level skating ability, power legs and stride.  He also has solid puck skills and emerging offensive as he finished the season strong.
    • The Hockey News:  It’s amazing what an opportunity can do sometimes. The Knights traded away big offensive names such as Robert Thomas, Max Jones and Cliff Pu before the deadline and that opened a lane for Foudy, who is charging up the 2018 draft board. A speedster with skill, he has 12 points in his past seven games for London.
  10. Aidan Dudas (C) 2nd – 3rd
    • He’s an undersized sniper that will likely play winger when he turns pro.  He’s a good skater with a low center of gravity and a hard worker.
    • Habs Eye on the Prize:  Were Dudas even 5’10” he’d likely be projected as one of the top players in the draft class, playing a solid game at one end and showing off an elite shot at the other. The smaller stature does negatively impact a few areas of his game, however, and there will be some concerns about how his style translates to higher levels where even the bigger defencemen can skate well enough to limit his options.
  11. Curtis Douglas (C)
    • Douglas is a huge center that will likely have some intrigue amongst teams.  He’s a smart player with good vision.  He will need to work on his skating and will likely take time to mature, whomever takes Douglas will need to be patient and allow him to develop.
    • Canucks Army:  Douglas displays good vision on the ice (I mean, the view from 6’8″ must be pretty good), and deft passing skills. He generates offensive opportunities far more off the cycle than off the rush. This plays directly into his strengths, as he has good puck control and easily uses his reach to play keepaway, waiting for teammates to get open.
  12. Nathan Dunkley (C)
    • Dunkley is a tough person to evaluate.  He’s a tenacious player that’s willing to engage physically but he’s also a little late.  The skating is a little questionable but seems like he plays at a slow pace.  He had solid offensive numbers but there’s questions about his upside and he projects to be a bottom six player.
    • McKeen’s: He is a decent skater, but either lacks the speed in his skating or chooses to play a slower style that is questionable once he graduates to the pros. A consistent scorer this year thanks in large part to his smart play in front of the net and his ability to get open in front of the net. An extremely smart player at both ends, especially in the defensive zone, but he needs to improve his stick handling work. When he is moving at a slow pace he can protect the puck, but once the speed of the game changes he struggles and depends on his teammates to bail him out.
  13. Blade Jenkins (C)
    • Big skilled forward.  Likely will be a center at the next level.  He has solid offensive instincts, needs to improve his skating.  He’s a late birthday turns 18 in August.
    • MLive:  His vision, creativity and one-on-one skills are extremely good. He makes all the players around him better and is a big part of the success his team had this season. Blade has the skill and hockey IQ to be a top player at the next level.
  14.  Kody Clark (RW)
    • Clark has good size, plays a physical game like his father (Wendel) did.  Clark is a good skater, plays a responsible game.  I’m not sold on the upside, he is a 99′ birthday and offensively he did not put up huge numbers.  I think he likely projects as a bottom six player.
    • OHL Prospects:  The son of former Leafs’ great Wendel Clark, Kody is terrific in puck possession. He’s so good at working the cycle and keeping plays alive along the wall. Clark is also a sneaky quick and is able to catch defenders flat footed off the rush as he drives wide to create scoring chances. There are a few things that have me questioning his offensive upside though. Is able to extend possession quite well, but seems to have trouble finding linemates to create scoring chances. The progression he has shown is great and I love his North/South, attacking game. I’m just not sure about his playmaking ability and overall potential.
  15. Matthew Struthers ©
    • Big center, was traded half-way through the season and put up solid point totals.
    • Owen Sound Times:  “It’s never easy to trade a player like Matt,” DeGray said of the Milton native. “He’s a tremendous talent, a hard worker, and extremely well liked in the room. He’ll have a chance to thrive in North Bay and we wish him nothing but the best moving forward.”
  16. Linus Nyman (LW/RW) – 4th – 6th (Sleeper)
    • Speedy, smart winger with offensive instincts that can play up and down the lineup.  Passed over last years draft and is now signed to play in the Finnish elite league this year.
  17. Pavel Gogolev (RW) – 4th – 6th (Sleeper)
    • Goal-scorer his 5×5 goals per game for draft eligible forward were second only to Svechnikov.  He has an outstanding release, he’s a speedy player and has potential to be a NHL trigger-man.
  18. Semyon Der-Arguchintsev (C)
    • He’s a setup man with superb puck handling skills.  Small and needs to add strength.  Youngest player in the draft.  Would need to improve his speed.
  19. Connor Roberts (C/RW)
    • He’s a big forward that has good speed, but hasn’t developed as well as hoped, but he still has enough skill to be selected in the middle rounds.
  20. Riley Damiani (C)
    • The biggest question marks will be offense, ceiling and size.  He might be a bottom six, energy type player that kills penalties and excellent forechecker.  If the offense comes he could be a solid complementary player in your middle six.
  21. Justin Brazeau (RW)
    • Final year of draft eligibility.  He’s a huge winger that works hard, good offensive numbers.  He’s improved his skating,, he’s made year over year improvement and can turn pro this year.
  22. Mitchell Hoelscher (C)
    • Center he improved as the year progressed, he is a two-way player that plays in all situations.  He’s a smart well-rounded player.
  23. William Moskal (C)
    • Right hand shot energy center, didn’t bring much offense, but he’s responsible defensively plays with energy and has some offensive upside.
  24. Damien Giroux (C)
    • Solid defensively, leader plays a two-way game.  He has good offense, excellent playmaker.  He’s not a big player and needs to improve his skating.
  25. Max Golod (LW)
    • Good skater, late birthday solid puck handling skills.  Not overly big and doesn’t have high-end offensive skills.  Could develop into a middle six forward.
  26. Adam Liska (LW)
    • Gritty north/south winger who is defensively responsible.  Works hard, character player.  Needs to improve skating and does not have an elite skillset.
  27. Jake Goldowski (C)
    • Intriguing player as he has good size and there is a good talent base but is a work in progress.  Needs to improve skating like to see more offense but he’s a good late round gamble.
  28. Brandon Saigeon (C)
    • Final year of draft eligibility.  He has good size two-way center that plays an agitating style and with good offense.
  29. Kevin Hancock (LW/C)
    • There’s concerns about his skating but he has an excellent offensive skillset.  He is also a solid defensive forward as well.  Worth a late round pick.
  30. Samuel Bitten (C)
    • This would be a development pick.  He is a solid skater, has decent size and has a good puck skills.  Needs to improve his offense.
Andrei Svechnikov (RW) 44 72 1.64 6’3 L 2000-03-26
Barrett Hayton (C) 63 60 0.95 6’1 L  2000-06-09
Serron Noel (RW) 62 53 0.85 6’5 R 2000-08-08
Akil Thomas (C) 68 81 1.19 5’11 R 2000-01-02
Ty Dellandrea (C) 67 59 0.88 6’1 R 2000-07-21
Ryan McLeod (C) 68 70 1.03 6’2 L 1999-09-21
Allan McShane (C) 67 65 0.97 5’11 L 2000-02-14
Cameron Hillis (C) 60 59 0.98 5’11 R 2000-06-24
Liam Foudy (C) 65 40 0.62 6′ L 2000-02-04
Aidan Dudas (C) 68 65 0.96 5’7 R 2000-06-15
Nathan Dunkley (C) 60 57 0.95 5’11 L 2000-05-03
Curtis Douglas (C) 56 46 0.82 6’8 L 2000-03-06
Blade Jenkins (C) 68 44 0.65 6’2 L 2000-08-11
Kody Clark (RW) 56 39 0.70 6’1 R 1999-10-13
Matthew Struthers © 62 44 0.71 6’2 L 1999-12-26
Linus Nyman (LW/RW) 67 85 1.27 5’10 L 1999-07-11
Semyon Der-Arguchintsev (C) 68 51 0.75 5’10 R  2000-09-15
Pavel Gogolev (RW) 66 47 0.71 6′ L 2000-02-19
Connor Roberts (C) 66 35 0.53 6’3 R 2000-02-22
Riley Damiani (C) 64 37 0.58 5’10 R 2000-03-20
Justin Brazeau (RW) 68 75 1.10 6’6 R 1998-02-02
Mitchell Hoelscher (C) 67 28 0.42 5’11 L 2000-01-27
William Moskal (C) 66 26 0.39 6′ R 2000-03-22
Damien Giroux (C) 68 43 0.63 5’9 L 2000-03-03
Max Golod (LW) 61 33 0.54 5’11 L 2000-08-18
Adam Liska (LW) 62 31 0.50 6′ L 1999-10-14
Jake Goldowski (C) 40 21 0.53 6’2 R 2000-05-07
Brandon Saigeon (C) 65 70 1.08 6’2 L 1998-06-14
Kevin Hancock (LW/C) 53 69 1.30 5’11 L  1998-03-02
Samuel Bitten (C) 68 21 0.31 6′ L 2000-03-21

2018 NHL Draft – USHL/USNDP

Here is potential NHL draft choices for the USHL and USNDP for the upcoming 2018 NHL draft.

  1. Oliver Wahlstrom (C/RW) – 5 – 10 Overall
    • Wahlstrom is a an elite level scorer, he’s a dynamic player who has put up excellent numbers for the national team.   He has good size.
    • USA Today:  “He has world-class scoring ability,” said Under-18 coach Seth Appert, who used to coach Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. “He has the shot, an absolutely special shot, both from the one-timer spot. He plays the Ovechkin spot on the power play and also shooting it in stride with a snap shot.”
  2. Joel Farabee (LW)
    • He’s a smart two-way player with offensive upside.  A competitive player with excellent speed.
    • NHL.com:  “He shows creative puck plays consistently. He has a quick release and can snap the puck with pace. He’s hard on pucks in all areas of the rink. He has a high hockey IQ with good offensive instincts. Joel is a leader on his team setting an example with hard work and team play in the games that I have seen.
  3. Jack Drury (C)
    • Son of former NHLer Ted Drury.  He’s an intelligent two-way player that put up superb offensive totals this year.  Skating has been noted as a concern.  He puts in the effort to succeed.
    • Last Word On Sports:  Drury has the potential to be a two-way middle-six centre at the NHL level. He may never be a top line centre, but he can be an important piece if he develops. He will need to continue to improve his skating and shot but has already made big strides in these areas.
  4. Jake Wise (C)
    • Wise is an outstanding skater.  He’s a two-way center that has top six potential.  He had a strong finish to the season and put up solid point totals as noted by Pension Plan Puppets site.
    • The Draft Analyst:  Top-end playmaker with superior vision and hockey sense who is the power play architecht for Team USA’s under-18 team. Wise has excellent hand-eye coordination and razor sharp awareness, and he’ll rarely make a mistake when opponents giftwrap a scoring chance. He also possesses a highly-accurate shot that seems to give goalies a hard time.
  5. Blake McLaughlin (C)
    • McLaughlin is a playmaking threat as well as threat to score.
    • Dobber Prospects:  He displays mature playmaking skills however, with a penchant for making deft passes that set up teammates well. He’s extremely elusive making him particularly dangerous on special teams, having nailed two shorthanded goals this year as well as five on the power play. And he’s shown some physical chops on defense, utilizing his quickness and somewhat surprising strength to effectively slow opponents.
  6. Johnny Gruden (LW) – 2nd – 3rd
    • Gruden is an intelligent hard working player with good speed.  Gruden is a defensively responsible player.  His high-end projection might be a solid third-line center that can play up a line.
    • Chris Dilks – SBNation:  He’s not a flashy offensive player, but he can move the puck around a little bit, and works hard to make a lot of hustle plays. He’ll be a solid contributor for any team he plays for. Lack of scoring upside makes him a borderline second round guy for me.
  7. Alex Steeves (F)
    • Steeves had a fine offensive season and he can play a two-way game.  Used on the PP and PK.  He plays a physical game.  He is a committed player and changed his workout program this past year.
    • US Hockey Report:   A pure playmaker with impressive vision and passing ability, Steeves first came to our attention at the New England Select Festival where we ranked him in the top 10 for his age group. He has improved since then. He is stronger on his skates, and comes out of scrums with control of the puck, most notably in high traffic areas.
  8. Tyler Madden (C)
    • Madden is son of former Devil John Madden.  He plays a similar game as his father.  Elite speed and an amazing work ethic.
    • Dobber Prospects:  He’s blazing fast on skates and moves with amazing agility, versatility and explosiveness. He has a great mind for the game, at which he excels both on offense and defense, and really takes charge of matters when he’s out there. A true leader at age 18.
  9. Sampo Ranta (LW) – 2nd – 3rd
    • Ranta is a big boom/bust prospect.  He has high skill-set and could become an elite scorer but consistency is an issue.  Compared to Gaborik
    • Canucks Army:  Ranta is a player who leaves you wanting more after every viewing. His shot is heavy with a decent release time that with a little more accuracy could produce better results. His skating is above average with a good top speed and decent acceleration. He is strong along the boards with the ability to protect the puck and hold off defenders quite easily.
  10. Mathias Emilio Pettersen (C) – 2nd – 3rd
    • Petterson has strong work ethic and despite his size will engage physically.  There’s consistency issues but he’s has talent to play on a scoring line.
    • Sportsology.com: Excellent passer. Can deke around anybody to get to the net. He has a decisive shot. Great wrist shot. He has an extra gear that makes him dangerous on the give-n-go
  11. Matej Pekar (C/RW) – 4th – 6th
    • He has a solid offensive numbers, is a good puck passer and plays with a high motor.
  12. Curtis Hall (C)
    • Had a tough second half.  But he has good size, is a right-hand shot.  Solid in the defensive zone.  He might project as a defensive center, but has some offensive upside.
  13. Jáchym Kondelík (C) – 4th – 6th
    • He is a huge (6’7) center, with nice hands and works hard.  Needs to improve his skating.  He could be a solid project in the middle rounds.
  14. Ryan O’Reilly (C/RW) – 4th – 6th
    • O’Reilly is a skilled forward with average size, good two-way ability.  He is an excellent release and projects as a goal-scoring winger.
  15. Paul Cotter (F)
    • Cotter is a speedy forward with a good first step.  He had solid offensive numbers in the USHL.
  16. Gavin Hain ©
    • Solid player plays with energy and excellent .  He a tough year adjusting to level of competition and questionable skating drops him to the middle rounds.
  17. Patrick Giles (C)
    • You can’t teach size.  Giles is big player his offensive point totals aren’t great but you are likely selecting the player based on projection on where you feel he might develop into.  Likely a mid-round pick.  He’s heading to Boston College.
  18. Jack Randl (LW)
    • Randl plays a physical North-South game, he has high hockey IQ and can score goals.
  19. Tyler Weiss (LW/C)
    • Weiss is a smaller player but he has good offensive ability, will need to work on his strength and conditioning at the next level.
  20. Jacob Pivonka (C)
    • Pivonka is a solid two-way center, plays a smart game.  He’s a player that you would have out at the end of a game.  Likely a bottom six player unless the offense develops.
Player Team GP PTS PPG H
Oliver Wahlstrom (C/RW) U.S. National U18 Team 54 83 1.54 6’1
Joel Farabee (LW) U.S. National U18 Team 54 64 1.19 5’11
Jack Drury (C) Waterloo Black Hawks 56 65 1.16 5’11
Jake Wise (C) U.S. National U18 Team 30 36 1.20 5’10
Blake McLaughlin (C) Chicago Steel 54 52 0.96 5’11
Johnny Gruden (LW) U.S. National U18 Team 53 51 0.96 5’11
Alex Steeves (F) Dubuque Fighting Saints 55 57 1.04 5’10
Tyler Madden (C) Tri-City Storm 32 20 0.63 5’10
Sampo Ranta (LW) Sioux City Musketeers 53 37 0.70 6’1
Mathias Emilio Pettersen (C) Muskegon Lumberjacks 60 46 0.77 5’10
Matej Pekar (C/RW) Muskegon Lumberjacks 56 54 0.96 6′
Curtis Hall (C) Youngstown Phantoms 54 31 0.57 6’2
Jáchym Kondelík (C) Muskegon Lumberjacks 44 34 0.77 6’7
Ryan O’Reilly (C/RW) Madison Capitols 45 34 0.76 6′
Paul Cotter (F) Lincoln Stars 51 39 0.76 6′
Gavin Hain © U.S. National U18 Team 53 31 0.58 5’11
Patrick Giles (C) U.S. National U18 Team 54 19 0.35 6’4
Jack Randl (LW) Omaha Lancers 49 32 0.65 5’11
Tyler Weiss (LW/C) U.S. National U18 Team 50 27 0.54 5’11
Jacob Pivonka (C) U.S. National U18 Team 51 18 0.35 6′


  1. Bode Wilde (D) – 10 – 20
    • Big defenseman with offensive instincts.  He has excellent size, strength, skating and shot.  There is potential for a top pairing.  The biggest concern is questionable decision making and perhaps hockey IQ.
    • Last Word on Sports:  Wilde has the potential to become a number one defenseman in the NHL, but he is more likely to slot in as a number two or three. He plays a solid two-way game and can be an important part of a team’s defensive core, playing both power play and penalty kill minutes. He has to continue to refine his game and will need some time before he will be NHL ready.
  2. Mattias Samuelsson (D) – Late 1st – Early 2nd
    • Son of Kjell with similar size and defensive abilities.  He has more offensive upside than his father though.
    • DraftSite – Bill Placzek:  Big reliable defender who makes his money with simple up-ice plays and a very good job defending in his own end. This is a very large man child who is still growing. His skating is good, his balance is good and he gets plenty of power behind his point shot on the power play. His growing into his game and no one can predict the full upside as he may be a very large man. Understands what a big defender must do and continues to comply.
  3. K’Andre Miller (D) – Late 1st – Early 2nd
    • Big defenseman, is a converted forward, high-end skating ability and able to skate the puck out of the zone.
    • Future Considerations:  Miller is a bruising, defensiveminded defenseman…solid mobility for his size, and he does not have any issues getting up and down the ice when already moving…can have some heavy boots when starting and stopping, defending against more agile attackers but handles them by being physical and using his length…does not hesitate to shoot the puck when he has a lane, and his booming shot is his most dangerous offensive weapon…has NHL middle-pairing, physical, defensive defenseman written all over him.
  4. Ty Emberson (D) – 2nd – 3rd
    • Emberson is a reliable defender and a solid skater, limited offensively.  He has good size and is likely a second pairing defender.
    • SBNation:   I really like his calm, steady presence on the ice. He does a lot of little things well like maintaining good gaps and retrieving pucks that make him a very effective player.
  5. Adam Samuelsson (D) – 2nd – 3rd
    • The other Samuelsson is Ulf’s boy, a big defenseman with some offensive upside.  There’s concerns about his skating ability.
    • NHL.com: “Adam is more of a puck-moving, cerebral, smart player,” U.S. U-18 NTDP coach Seth Appert said. “It’s not that he won’t be physical but he’s going to shut players down with his stick and his mind. He transitions the puck well and has really good vision, and has a great sense of calmness when he has the puck that allows him to make those important breakout passes.”
  6. Marc Del Gaizo (D) – 4th – 6th
    • Small (5’9) puck moving defenseman heading to UMass (Amherst), can be an PP QB type of defenseman.  Despite his size he does engage physically.
  7. Jack St. Ivany (D) – 4th – 6th
    • Second year draft eligible.  He’s a two-way defender with excellent size put up solid point totals heading to Yale.
  8. Jacob Semik (D) – 4th – 6th
    • Semik did not put much point totals but is a reliable defender and a smooth skater with good size.
  9. Spencer Stastney (D) – 4th – 6th
    • Plays a smart game, engages physically despite his small size.  He had a solid U18 tournament.
  10. Cole Krygier (D) – 4th – 6th
    • Krygier is a big, physical defenseman plays a smart defensive game.  Could be a late round pick.
Player Team GP PTS PPG H
Bode Wilde (D) U.S. National U18 Team 53 36 0.68 6’2
Mattias Samuelsson (D) U.S. National U18 Team 50 28 0.56 6’3
K’Andre Miller (D) U.S. National U18 Team 50 24 0.48 6’4
Adam Samuelsson (D) U.S. National U18 Team 54 24 0.44 6’5
Ty Emberson (D) U.S. National U18 Team 53 22 0.42 6’1
Marc Del Gaizo (D) Muskegon Lumberjacks 59 38 0.64 5’9
Jack St. Ivany (D) Sioux Falls Stampede 54 36 0.67 6’3
Jacob Semik (D) Dubuque Fighting Saints 55 19 0.35 6’1
Spencer Stastney (D) U.S. National U18 Team 49 20 0.41 5’10
Cole Krygier (D) Lincoln Stars 58 17 0.29 6’3

2018 NHL Draft – North American Junior

The NHL typically drafts 10 – 15 players in lower level Junior such as BCHL, AJHL, OJHL, CCHL & NAHL (United States)

Here are ten potential draft picks in this coming NHL entry draft.

  1. Jack McBain (C) – Late 1st – Mid. 2nd
    • McBain is a good sized player, with excellent offensive instincts and vision.  Skating is an area to improve in.  His dad, Andrew, was a top 10 pick and played over 600 games in the NHL.
    • OHL Writers:  He sees the ice extremely well and can read and react quickly. He has an uncanny ability to slow the pace down and the patience to let the play develop and then strike with either a crisp tape-to-tape pass or fire a deceptive, accurate and hard shot with a purpose. And he’s willing to drive the net with or without the puck.
  2. Jacob Bernard-Docker (D) – 2nd Round
    • Plays a smart solid two-way game.  He’s a strong skater and has a hard point shot.  He’s a little undersized but physically he’s strong.
    • Recrutes – Overall, it doesn’t take very long to see clearly that there’s a lot to like about Bernard-Docker. He’ll be a dream for future coaches, the type of workhorse defenceman that can gobble up a lot of minutes at both ends of the ice and consistently make a positive difference. He’d headed to a pretty good hockey program at the University of North Dakota, and could come out in a few years as a very polished defenseman who is more than ready for the pros.
  3. Jonny Tychonick (D) – 2nd – 3rd Round
    • Smart two-way defender with impressive skating skills.  Had a strong finish to the year with 17 points in 11 playoff games.  He’s a sma.ller defender 5’11
    • Hockey Now:  A strong skating puck rusher who can send pinpoint passes through traffic and then likes to join the rush and help out below the goal line in the offensive zone. Quick feet give him the ability to skate effectively east to west and impress in neutral zone. Good puck skills and good anticipation with the puck on his stick. In his own end, he is evasive and can lose forecheckers with one slick move to keep the puck alive and transitioning to offence. Not very strong physically and can be knocked off the puck easily.
  4. Stanislav Demin (D) – 2nd – 3rd Round
    • American born left-hand shot defender that skates well, responsible in his own zone and good size.
    • The Hockey Writers:  Capable of reading the ice and developing plays with ease, Demin executes calculated pinches in order to dismantle rushes devised by his opposition. Further, in his own zone, Demin utilizes a quick stick in order to jostle the puck loose before firing a crisp breakout pass to a nearby teammate.
  5. Seth Barton (D) – 4th – 7th
    • He’s a good sized playe and a smooth skating, smart defenseman that plays a physical game.
  6. Brendan Budy (F) – 4th – 7th *Sleeper*
    • Slightly undersized crafty forward and stands out as an offensive threat as a scorer and a playmaker.  Committed to U. of Denver.
  7. Sean Comrie (D) – 4th – 7th
    • He’s a smaller puck-moving defenseman.  He’s improved his defensive game, makes a good outlet pass.
  8. Angus Crookshank (F) – 4th – 7th
    • Awesome name, sounds like he could be an Austin Powers villain.  Excellent work ethic that is willing to play a physical game.  He is a speedy skater with some offensive upside.
  9. Austin Wong (C/RW) – 4th – 7th
    • Wong is a pest that pushes the edge toward dirty play.  He has enough speed and skill to play on a skill line.
  10. Matthew Kellenberger (D) – 4th – 7th
    • Second year draft eligible.  He has good sized right hand shot defenseman with offensive upside.  Committed to Princeton U.


Player League GP PTS PPG H S DOB
Jack McBain
48 58 1.21 6’3 L 2000-01-06
Jacob Bernard-Docker (D) AJHL 49 41 0.84 6’1 R 2000-06-30
Jonny Tychonick (D) BCHL 48 47 0.98 5’11 L
Stanislav Demin (D) BCHL 57 45 0.79 6’1 L 2000-04-04
Seth Barton BCHL 49 33 0.67 6’2 R 2000-08-18
Brendan Budy (F) BCHL 49 56 1.14 5’10 L 2000-06-06
Sean Comrie (D) AJHL 54 34 0.63 6′ R 2000-01-30
Angus Crookshank (F) BCHL 42 45 1.07 5’11 L 1999-10-02
Austin Wong (C/RW) AJHL 55 54 0.98 5’11 R 2000-08-26
Matthew Kellenberger OJHL 49 51 1.04 6′ R 1999-01-11