OHL Overagers


Matt Luff (100 – 150)

  • H: 6’2 / DOB: May, 5, 1997 / PPG:  .93 / Shoots:  R
  • In his last 19 games he averaged 1.63 PPG.  He’s 6’2 and could develop into a nice power forward in the NHL, he nearly doubled his point production and he was a relative late birthday in last years draft class.  Luff was described as tenaciousness on the forecheck, uses his high hockey IQ.   He lead the Bulldogs in points this past year.  Luff is a solid two-way player, I think with his size he could be a good middle six prospect.

Stepan Falkovsky (100 – 150)

Dante Salituro (100 – 150)

  • H: 5’9 / DOB: Nov, 15, 1996 / PPG: 1.28 / Shoots: R
  • After last year’s draft the Projection Project stated the following about Salituro.  The diminutive center (5’8″) was a high scoring dynamo but was passed over due to obvious size concerns. In the new NHL though, he could prove to be an excellent gamble and addition to a teams roster. Not only is a he a 1/3 chance of making the NHL, he has 19% chance of being a top six player, and 10% chance of being a first line player.
  • Bill Placzek— Superb short stocky centre who is a top skater that can make plays at top speed. Dynamic top end skater with great jump and dangle at breakneck speed. A great skater whose balance makes tough to knock him off the puck. Any loose puck has a chance of being his because he works hard to unearth them and make chances for his team. A battler who doesn’t seem to view himself as the smaller guy and it can hurt him. He is so surprisingly quick and has a very deceptive shot. His puck skills let him set up his linemates, and he makes sure he is in position in the defensive end. Works hard, and leads by example. He is more of a long term prospect because he needs lots more core strength and then he will become a bigger threat.

Brett McKenzie (150 – 200)

  • H: 6’2 / DOB: March, 12, 1997 / PPG: .80 / Shoots:  L
  • Elite Prospects:  McKenzie can be described as a smart defensive forward who skates well and is excellent on the draw. He is not overly physical, but is overall awareness in all 3 zones is coveted. Having already been through 2 deep playoff runs, McKenzie already has a wealth of experience as an 18 year old. Look for him to see his role increase offensively next season with North Bay has he has the skating and passing tools to generate in the offensive zone.

Trent Fox  (150 – 200)

  • H: 6’3 / DOB: July, 16, 1997 / PPG: .75 / Shoots: L
  • Fox plays a physical game and has enough offense to be considered drafting.  He scored well enough in his first overage season, I could see a team spending a late round pick.  He might project as a bottom six player.

James McEwan (150 – 200)

  • H: 6′ / DOB: March, 15, 1997 / PPG: .76 / Shoots: L
  • McEwan has good speed, plays a two-way game and contributes on PK.  Might be a guy to select with a late round pick.

Aaron Luchuk (150 – 200)

  • H: 5’10 / DOB: April, 4, 1997 / PPG: .78 / Shoots: L
  • Luchuk is a smart two-way player that put up decent offensive numbers but doesn’t excel in any one area and might not have enough upside to get selected.

Artem Artemov

  • H: 6′ / DOB: Jan, 17, 1997 / PPG: .83 / Shoots: R
  • Artemov is a two-way forward that can play C/RW, but I doubt the Russian will get selected after it was announced that he’s heading back to the KHL.  I think that he likely projects as a bottom six player in the NHL.



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