NHL Draft: Sweden Forwards


Name League PPG DOB H S
Rasmus Asplund (C/LW) SHL 0.26087 12/3/1997 5’11 L
Carl Grundström (LW) SHL 0.326531 12/1/1997 6′ L
Jonathan Dahlén (C/LW) Allsvenskan 0.568627 12/20/1997 5’11 L
Jesper Bratt (LW/RW) Allsvenskan 0.354167 7/30/1998 5’10 L
Fredrik Forsberg (RW) Allsvenskan 0.52381 12/12/1996 6′ R
Linus Lindström (C) SuperElit 1.1 1/8/1998 5’10 L
Oskar Steen (C/RW) SuperElit 0.969697 3/9/1998 5’9 R
Mathias From (RW/LW) SuperElit 0.583333 12/16/1997 6′ R
Fredrik Karlström (C) SuperElit 0.75 1/12/1998 6’2 L
Jonathan Davidsson (RW) SuperElit 1.37037 3/12/1997 5’11 R
Filip Lestan (LW/RW) SuperElit 0.227273 11/26/1997 6’5 L
Oskar Stål Lyrenäs (RW) SuperElit 0.777778 3/23/1998 6’1 R
Tim Wahlgren (C) SuperElit 1.153846 3/8/1998 6 L
Axel Jonsson Fjällby (LW) SuperElit 0.74359 2/10/1998 6′ L
Linus Weissbach (LW/RW) SuperElit 1.090909 4/19/1998 5’9 L
Lukas Zetterberg (RW/LW) SuperElit 0.75 3/27/1997 6’1 R
Tony Pappila (RW) SuperElit 0.863636 5/21/1997 5’11 R
Joseph Jonsson (C) SuperElit 0.641026 12/8/1997 6’3 L
Marcus Sirén (C/RW) SuperElit 0.914286 11/1/1997 6′ R


Rasmus Asplund (C/LW) (20 – 50)

  • Bill Placzek @ Draft Site:  Slightly built centre wing who has great hands and commitment to improving his two way game. Displays good speed, hands, and Hockey IQ. Not the biggest body, but is strong forechecker who win puck battles. A playmaker with creativity and good vision who plays big.  Works hard in his own end, using his body and stick in lanes to take away opportunities by getting back quickly. He sees and reads the ice well and brings his teammate support by drawing attackers his way making space for them. His anticipation,nose for the net, and good hockey sense make his a player who can slide up and down the forward lines, and that will fall in his favor when draft time calls. His size may be a factor in where he is taken. Must continue to make his linemates better plays and continue improving his 200 foot game.
  • Asplund is a hardworking two-way forward with high hockey IQ.  There will be questions about his size and whether he has the strength to play in the NHL.

Carl Grundström (LW) (20 – 50)

  • The Draft Analyst:  Grundstrom is a relentless forechecker who uses his strong build and powerful lower body to frighten defenders into careless mistakes.  He’s a very good skater in terms of mobility and balance, but he lacks breakaway speed. Grundstrom has an above-average shot that he likes to fire from all areas and angles, sometimes to a fault, as you’d like to see him be a little more patient and creative with the disc. But he’s a power forward who likes to use his body, so expect him to use those strengths to generate offense rather than fancy his way onto the scoresheet.
  • Grundstrom is projected to be a complimentary, physical forward that can play up and down the line-up.  He’s not overly flashy but he plays a simple effective game and can score.

Jonathan Dahlén (C/LW) (20 – 50)

  • Last Word on Sports:  Dahlen is an impressive offensive talent. He may be a bit undersized, but he has all the skills scouts look for when it comes to an offensive forward.  He has an excellent array of shots, including a good wrist shot with a quick release; a hard slapshot; and a quality backhand.  He has the soft hands to make moves on defenders and get himself the open space to get a shot off, as well as the hockey sense and the elusiveness to find open spots in the defence where a teammate can hit him with a pass. Dahlen can also play the role of playmaker, with excellent vision and hockey sense, and the talent to slide the puck through small openings, or flip a saucer pass to a teammate.
  • Offense will be Dahlen’s calling card.  He led Timra in scoring this past season as a 17-year-old forward.    Dahlen is not overly physical, not the biggest, isn’t an elite skater but he projects to be a top six forward if he makes the NHL.  He is likely to be selected in the 2nd round.

Jesper Bratt (LW/RW) (50 – 100)

  • Bratt is one of the younger draft prospects in this years draft (July, 30th), he played in a men’s league and scored well in the men’s league.  He’s not overly strong but is a superb skater and impressive puck skills.
  • Brendan Ross: Bratt scored a nice breakaway goal that showed good touch and confidence but he was one of Sweden’s most dangerous players in this contest. He attacks with speed and showed a knack for finding the scoring areas at the right time.

Linus Lindström (C) (50 – 100) (100 – 150)

  • Lindstrom is a smart playmaking two-way center with good vision.  He has a thin frame 6′ & 165 lbs and he’s not overly physical.  He’s rated to go as early as the third while some people have him as a 5th round pick.
  • The Hockey News: A two-way player with smarts who takes care of details on the ice, Lindstrom has been one of the top scorers in Sweden’s under-20 Super Elite circuit with 20 points through 15 games. He needs to get stronger, but moves the puck well and is very good defensively.

Oskar Steen (C/RW) (50 – 100)

  • Hockey Prospectus: Oskar Steen’s work ethic is probably his biggest asset. Does everything possible to win a hockey game and sacrifices his body to block shots. He is a very efficient penalty killer as he anticipates passing lanes to steal the puck and start breakaways. He needs to work on his physical game and will probably never be a pure offensive weapon. Looking to play in more SHL-games this season to work on skills he lacks. Overall, Steen is a hard working two-way forward and has a high energy level.
  • Steen is a small energetic, hardworking versatile forward that can play up and down the lineup.  There’s enough offensive upside that he can play on a scoring line or he could play a defensive PK role.

Mathias From (RW/LW)

  • From is has pretty good size, speed and projects as a bottom six forward.
  • Elite Prospects:  A strong transitional forward with solid offensive and defensive upside. Defensively, always active and keeps himself mobile to make sure he’s in a good spot to keep the opposition on their toes. Sees lanes well and is excellent at taking pucks away and moving them up the ice for scoring chances. Offensively, he drives to the net and has a great shot. Definitely not afraid of the physical side of the game, and can play that all-important power role. Mathias From is a multidimensional buzzsaw that has the drive and skill to net wins and contribute in multiple areas of the game. [EP]


Jonathan Davidsson (RW) (150 – 200)

  • Davidsson is an overage forward who put up solid point total this past season (and the season before) in the Swedish junior league.  He also has decent speed.  He’d be a good bet in the later rounds.

Tim Wahlgren (C)  (100 – 150)

  • Whalgren is a two-way center that put up good point totals, needs to improve skating.  Dennis Schellenberg from the The Hockey Writers has him a  potential 3rd round pick.
  • McKeens:  pivot Tim Wahlgren should earn plenty of minutes as his great hockey intelligence and sense for the game is evident in all three zones.


Axel Jonsson Fjällby (LW) (150 – 200)

  • Fjallby is likely a bottom line energy player that can ship in with the odd goal.
  • Chris Dilks: Jonsson Fjallby is definitely a third or fourth line grinder at the NHL level. Given another few years to develop, he could be a very valuable piece as a guy that could fill one of those roles on an entry-level contract, a huge plus in the modern NHL. He’ll need to play high-energy, good defensive hockey in order to stick in the big leagues, but has shown the ability to do that.

Linus Weissbach (LW/RW) (150 – 200)

  • Small smooth skating creative forward with good hockey sense.
  • McKeens:  Proved to be a strong support player for Team Sweden at the U17s showcasing elusive attacking abilities, using jukes and jives. Weissbach owns blazing speed that he uses to attack on the outside.

Long Shots:

  • Fredrik Forsberg (RW) he is a two-way overage forward and brother of Nashville Predator Filip.
  • Fredrik Karlström (C) good size but needs a little more offense.
  • Filip Lestan (LW/RW) might be selected due to his size (6’5) but is very raw.
  • Oskar Stål Lyrenäs (RW) right winger with decent size doesn’t bring enough offense to the table.
  • Lukas Zetterberg (RW/LW) he was the best forward for VIK Västerås (parent club is in Allsvenskan) & Skellefteå AIK (parent club is in the SHL), on loan, in the Junior leagues scoring 36 points in 37 games.
  • Tony Pappila (RW) goal-scoring overage right winger
  • Joseph Jonsson (C) big center that plays physical but would be a project
  • Marcus Sirén (C/RW) playmaking right winger with good numbers with in the Swedish junior league.



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