NHL Draft: Sweden Defense

Here’s a look at some of the top Swedish prospects that may be taken in this years NHL draft.

Lucas Carlsson (D) SHL 0.257143 7/5/1997 6′ L
Sebastian Aho (D) SHL 0.410256 3/15/1996 5’10 L
Matias Lassen (D) Allsvenskan 0.204545 3/15/1996 6′ L
Olle Alsing (D) Allsvenskan 0.431373 5/1/1996 5’11 L
Jacob Moverare (D) SuperElit 0.512195 8/31/1998 6’2 L
Jacob Cederholm (D) SuperElit 0.142857 1/30/1998 6’3 R
Hugo Danielsson (D) SuperElit 0.04878 8/28/1998 6’3 L
Filip Berglund (D) SuperElit 0.953488 5/10/1997 6’3 R
David Bernhardt (D) SuperElit 0.844444 12/1/1997 6’3 L
Linus Nässén (D) SuperElit 0.5 5/10/1998 6′ L
Nicklas Sjölund (D) SuperElit 0.432432 4/1/1997 6’2 R
Lukas Carlsson (D) SuperElit 0.222222 3/3/1998 6’2 L
Kristians Rubins (D) SuperElit 0.52381 12/11/1997 6’4 L
Frantisek Hrdinka (D) SuperElit 0.117647 3/2/1998 6′ L
Marcus Ersson (D) SuperElit 0.705882 9/27/1997 6’2 L

Lucas Carlsson (D)

  • Carlsson is in his second draft year after being passed over last year.  He’s a smooth skating defenseman, with decent size and strong offensive instincts.
  • The Hockey News:  A mobile defenseman who plays a heads-up game and makes a good first pass, Carlsson was a great offensive driver for the Swedes at the Five Nations with four points in four games.

Sebastian Aho (D)

  • Elite Prospects:  A mobile defenseman with tremendous hockey sense. Is on the small side, but usually solves situations easily with his exceptional way of reading the game. Likes to carry the puck and does that with confidence. Very good passer and a defenseman that can be used in most situations.

Jacob Moverare (D) (50 – 100)

  • Moverare is a young defenseman (born August) with good size and strong offensive instincts.  There’s been mixed reviews on his skating.  He is likely a 2nd or 3rd round pick.
  • The Draft Analyst:  He’s a hard passer with good mobility and enough upstairs to know when to speed it up or slow it down. I wouldn’t call his hockey sense excellent, but it’s good enough to work with for a kid with top-four upside.

Jacob Cederholm (D) (50 – 100)

  • Cederholm is a big shut-down defender with good mobility but not much offense who will likely be selected in the 2nd or 3rd round.
  • Kirk Luedeke – At 6-3, he’s a big, mobile defender who will likely get bigger and more powerful as he physically matures. Was impressed with his play, though Sweden didn’t have much to show for in a game dominated by the Canadians. Looks like a future mobile shutdown horse for whichever team gets him, but there isn’t much of an offensive element emerging from him at present.

Filip Berglund (D) (50 – 100)

  • Berglund is a 6’3 overage defenseman with some good offensive potential and a good skater.  His numbers this past season in Junior were strong and is likely worth a mid-round draft choice.  He is signed to play in the SHL next season.

David Bernhardt (D) (100 – 150)

  • Bernhardt is a tall d-man with a strong shot from the point.  He put up great points in the U20 league.  There are questions about his defense and skating which will likely drop him to the middle of the draft.
  • Draft Site: Solid two-way defender who has a good reach and stick to strip pucks and close lanes. Can be a dominant physical presence and probably need to continue to improve this aspect as his is how his pro bread will be buttered, not as an offense man, although he does have a heavy point shot. He can activate to join the play. Needs to improve pivots as attackers close try and fly-by.   –Bill Placzek


Linus Nässén (D) (150 – 200)

  • Swedish Oil poster on Lowetide – great skater with very nice vision and hands, hasn’t looked out of place in short spells with the SHL team, physically immature and could be a steal if he can add in that department.

Kristians Rubins (D) (150 – 200)

  • Hockeys Future: Defenseman Kristians Rubins is from Latvia but plays for the Swedish team Vasteras, where he has spent the past two seasons. At 6’4” and 203 pounds, he already has an impressive frame and was a mainstay on the Latvian team at this past U18 WC in Switzerland, playing a big role in helping the team retain the class while collecting two assists in six games. He also had four assists in five WJC D1 games for his county’s U20 program. A defensive defenseman by trade to date, Rubins spent 10 regular season games with Vasteras’ men’s team in the Allsvenskan, Sweden’s second highest pro league. He played predominantly a top-four role for the club’s U20 squad, where he chipped in four goals, seven points, and 14 penalty minutes in 33 games.

Marcus Ersson (D) (150 – 200)

  • The Draft Analyst:   There are a handful of big two-way defensemen who had a strong J20 Superelit season, but Ersson is a kid who doesn’t get the coverage notable prospects like David Bernhardt and overager Filip Berglund have received. He’s a wonderful talent with a hunter’s mindset who loves to either create a rush up ice, or join it and gun straight for the net. His positioning in the defensive zone needs a little work, as he has a tendency to float away from his area of responsibility. His side of the ice wasn’t attacked as often as you’d think, and there’s a strong possibility he gets more than bottom-pairing minutes for Brynas next season.
  • Ersson is 6’2 two-way defender that put up good point totals last season.


  • Olle Alsing (D) is a small, smart mobile defender that is entering his final draft season.
  • Hugo Danielsson (D) big, defensive defenseman with a late birthday might be worth a late round pick.
  • Nicklas Sjölund (D) is a two-way right-hand defenseman with good size.
  • Lukas Carlsson (D) there are two Lukcas Carlsson’s this ones name is spelt with a K, is 2 inches taller, a year younger and less likely to get drafted.
  • Frantisek Hrdinka (D) smooth skating defenseman with below average size for a defender and issues with his defensive game.




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