NHL Draft: European Forward

This is a post to review the remaining European forward group – Swiss, Slovak, Germany, Norway & Denmark.
Auston Matthews (C) (1st)

  • Elite Prospects: A high octane dynamo that thrives under the microscope, Auston Matthews is a complete offensive forward who consistently boasts quick hands, feet, and thinking at both ends of the ice. Naturally nimble skater that accelerates to top speed very quickly. An unwavering focus on fine tuning elements of his own game facilitates confidence and competence in his young, but mature, mind. Prolific goal scoring ability and doesn’t wait for opportunities to show themselves. He makes his own luck, so to speak, maximizing the use of his body and stick to gain leverage against the toughest of opponents. All-in-all, a generational talent that has the potential to develop into a top flight franchise center. (Curtis Joe, EP 2016)
  • Yahoo Sports:  Said a European amateur scout, “He’s the perfect player … size, tools, skills, sense, finishing ability, driven personality. It’s tough to find any faults. He wants to be like Toews. Tells a lot and it’s quite accurate.”

    Said a North American scout, “He’s your typical franchise centerman who can do everything. He’s a Kopitar type of mold where he’s big and powerful and smooth and can make plays in all different manners and he competes.”

Pius Suter (C/LW)  (100 – 150)

  • Elite Prospects:  Offensive center that plays a sound all-around game. Never gives up on the play and possesses a versatile set of individual skills. Has a goal scorer’s mindset, but is dependable at both ends of the ice; can contribute in a number of different ways. Though he isn’t the biggest player, that is nullified due to his willingness to battle against bigger players.

Tobias Eder (C) (100 – 150)

  • McKeen’s: Decent skater who reaches excellent top-end speed .. possesses strong vision and on-ice awareness of his teammates as he finds open space with a quick look and can feed them with crisp passes right into their wheel-house .. a right-shooting winger and an ideal addition to a power play where he is constantly in motion to create space and put himself in a scoring position .. possesses a quick release and fine puck control .. skilled at receiving a pass with his back to the goal and then spinning rapidly and unleashing a hard and accurate shot

Marco Miranda (LW)

  • Elite Prospects:  Marco Miranda is an offensive forward with a nice combination of size and speed. Is a fine puck handler who owns very good offensive instincts and scoring touch. Miranda is an excellent skater, with very good quickness. Needs to make better use of his size, while he does protect the puck nicely, Miranda tends to avoid contact and plays a rather soft game. Possesses decent shooting abilities and is a valuable option on the power play. (by Rafik Soliman, April 2016)
  • Hockey Prospectus:  His size and ability to score goals makes him one of the more interesting Swiss prospects in this draft class. Furthermore, he is a decent skater and shows good mobility. Where he really needs to get better is how he uses his big size. Does not play physical enough and needs to add strength. Miranda owns some offensive upside but he is considered a long shot and I do not see him getting drafted this year. He first has to prove himself next season in the highest Swiss league.

Damien Riat (C/RW) (150 – 200)

  • Hockeys Future:  Riat is a decent skater with good offensive instincts who is a dependable two-way player. He hasn’t made the expected progress on the physical side of his game and still has plenty of room to get stronger.

Raphael Prassl (C/RW) (150 – 200)

  • Hockey Prospectus: Raphael Prassl is a very intelligent two-way center who can make plays at both ends of the ice. Offensively, he uses his strong vision and passing to setup plays and defensively he backchecks hard and cuts angles and passing lanes with his active stick. However, his compete level and lack of physical game will probably keep him away from getting drafted.

Late Round / Long Shots:

  • Petter Grønstad (LW) second year draft eligible player.  Recorded over 2 points / game in the Junior league.  Might be worth a 7th round pick.
  • Kaj Suter (C) Swiss center was ranked 123rd European by Central Scouting.
    Lee Roberts (RW/LW) Right hand shot winger from Switzerland has good size and scored well in Junior.
    Peter Bjaloncik (C) Predominately played for the U18 Slovak team and scored well.  He also played for the U20 Slovak league and scored 12 points in 18 games.  Has a late birthday and might be worth a late round pick.  Not much scouting reports on him.
    Dominik Volejnicek (RW) Was the captain of the U18 Swiss team.  Played on the top Swiss league and had a strong playoffs 8 points in 9 games.
    Nikolaj Krag Christensen (C/LW) big forward (6’3) has put up good numbers against lower division opponents.




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