NHL Draft: European Goalies

List of Top European Goalies

Mikhail Berdin (G)

  • McKeens Hockey: a poised, economical goalie with solid agility and quick reflexes .. plays a technical hybrid of styles – stand-up, butterfly, paddle-down .. does a sound job of tracking pucks and staying aware of his surroundings .. collapses to his knees comfortably – and is quick and efficient getting back to his feet .. moves side-to-side with a strong leg push – and maintains solid body form and control as he moves .. stays calm and shows excellent patience – notably 1-on-1 against shooters .. sustains composure under heavy pressure .. generally plays low to the ice and close to home on plays in and around his net – but will move out and challenge shooters on his feet .. manages rebounds well – quick to mop up loose pucks – using his stick and glove effectively .. will need to develop physically and thicken up a sizeable 6-2 frame .. listed at just 165 pounds.

Filip Gustavsson (G)

  • TSN: Pretty composed in the net and reads the play well and adjusts accordingly.  Good economy of movement and he doesn’t open up holes.  Good mobility and lateral agility.

Niilo Halonen (G)

  • Over The Boards:  Big and composed goalie Niilo Halonen could become a really good one, he’s been consistent over the last two seasons.

Veini Vehviläinen (G)

  • Stanley Cup of Chowder:  At 6’1 and 183lbs he’s not a big goalie, which would seem to go against the NHL trend.  Vehviläinen is strong in lateral movement, solid positionally already and has a fast glove-hand.

Vladislav Sukhachyov (G)

  • Hockey’s Future: Not the biggest of goalies, Vladislav Sukhachyov is still having a good season both in the MHL and with the national team in the various international tournaments he has competed in. A very mobile goalie with good instincts, Sukhachyov has to work on his consistency and rebound control, but he has good tools and great potential.

Daniel Marmenlind (G)

  • Hockey Prospectus:  He is an aggressive goalie with good athletic ability and quickness. He needs to become more consistent and stronger in all the aspects of his game but I’d really would like to see him develop his stick handling abilities which, with his more standing style, would give him an edge on equally talented goalies. For the NHL draft I see him as a late round pick if he gets drafted this year.

Wouter Peeters (G)

  • RedLine Report: Even guys who had written him off before as being too raw and too much of a project have come back to give Peeters another gander. Size, of course, is his main selling point and although he’s a bit up and down, he’s athletic and has good upside.

Adam Brizgala (G)

  • The Draft Analyst:  Wide-bodied backstop who began the year with a tremendous performance at the Ilvan Hlinka, then got hurt and had to missed practically the whole season. There was a point when he was considered the best goalie available for the draft, albeit for only a few months, and for good reason. He’s listed at 6’0, 209 pounds but is exceptionally quick and decisive, and his ability to properly reset after three or even four shots is almost pro-level. Brizgala plays a traditional butterfly and will venture outside of the blue paint to challenge shots, and he’s quick with the glove either when static or sliding across. He’s not the best puck handler, but it won’t make or break his chance at making higher levels of play. Muskegon in the USHL recently drafted him, so he may cross the pound sooner than later.

Leevi Laakso (G)

  • CKSN:  The 5-foot-10 goaltender certainly didn’t Canada many holes to shoot at as he flashed his quick reflexes and kicked out shots with ease.

Matteo Ritz (G)

  • Hockey’s Future: The calm and big butterfly goalie shows strong athleticism and could rescue the team’s average defensive group.


Long Shots:

  • Sergei Bolshakov (G) Born in June, 96 this is his final draft year.  He has good size, posted a solid SV% and is signed to play for Sochi in the KHL next year.
  • Georgi Kuznetsov (G) – Kuznetsov is a 6’2 goalie, ranked 9th by NHL Central Scouting European goalies and posted a .912 SV% in MHL.
  • Josef Korenar (G): Ranked 4th by Central Scouting.  Did not have a strong U18 tournament.
  • Filip Larsson (G) he’s young (Aug 17th birthday) and he has decent size but his save % is not good (.872).




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