Steve Austins

The Oiler’s roster will look different.  This weekend might seem like an episode of Charles in Charge it might make us cry, laugh or shout why the hell does anyone pay any attention to this shit.  There’s going to be change in the Oiler’s roster this weekend and Chiarelli’s in charge.

TSN has listed 5 assets on their top 30 lists and Frank Seravalli said, ‘the odds still lie on the jettisoning of one of Edmonton’s $6-million forwards.’  What is the fair value for one of the Six-Millon-Dollar men?  Also, outside of Eberle, Nuge & Hall the Oiler’s also have Yakupov & the 4th overall pick on the list.

Here are some 5X5 stats via (great site) to show the Even Strength numbers for the 4 assets named by Frank Seravalli.  I also included Benoit Pouliot as his name has also been mentioned in a couple of rumors as well.

Player GF/60 PTS/60 CF% GF%
Team 2.04 N/A 48.8 44.3
Taylor Hall 2.74 2.31 51.7 51.8
Ryan Nugent-Hopkins 2.41 1.36 47.9 45.7
Jordan Eberle 2.41 1.85 50.9 44.8

Taylor Hall

Why the Oiler’s should trade him?

  • He’s bad in the room.  I haven’t been in the room but I can speculate.  I heard a rumor that his pre-game song was Michael Bolton’s – “Can I Touch You There?”  I just listened to that song and it’s horrible.  How can you trust a guy like that?
  • He’s not a winner.  I heard he finished 6th in his middle school badminton tournament where he was projected to come first.  He just can’t win!  I mean aside from the Memorial Cup, OHL & International Tournaments.
  • He has the most value outside of Connor McDavid.

Why the Oiler’s shouldn’t trade him?

  • There’s a 6% increase in CF%, 17% increase in GF% & 34% increase in Goals/60 when Taylor Hall is on the ice.
  • He’s top 10 scorer in the NHL.  The only players ahead of him for even strength points/60 in the last 3 years are; Benn, Tarasenko, Seguin, Crosby, Getzlaf, Kane & Perry.  Would you trade any of those players?
  • They won’t get fair value for him.

What teams could potentially inquire about him?

  1. Any team can, but I’ll put together a list of three.  New York Islanders – need an elite winger to pair with Tavares.
  2. Anahiem Ducks looking for an elite Left Winger and have an abundance of defenseman.  There’s a rumor the Oiler’s need a defenseman …
  3. Buffalo Sabres.  Tim Murray is a gambler and willing to shake things up.

What is the potential return?

  1. Islanders – Travis Hamonic, 1st Round Pick & Ryan Strome
  2. Ducks – Hampus Lindholm & Nicolas Kerdiles.  Lindholm for Hall is fairly even.  I would try and grab a depth player from their roster.  Kerdiles is a guy I like.
  3. Sabres – Rasmus Ristolainen & Zemgus Girgensons.  The Sabres have several right hand shot d-man.  Nobody is talking about trading Ristolainen but if they want to acquire a top 10 winger they have to pay the price.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

Why the Oiler’s should trade him?

  • Outside of Hall & arguably the 4th overall pick.  Nuge has the highest value.
  • He doesn’t provide top line offense.  His 3 year 5×5 Pts/60 is 1.62.  Which is good numbers but not elite.  His career numbers without Hall or Eberle are not strong.
  • The Oiler’s might feel like they can replace this player (Bozak, Berglund, Shaw, Helm are some options) and are comfortable with McDavid and Drai as their top pivots.

Why the Oiler’s shouldn’t trade him?

  • Nuge is the team’s most complete forward.  He is the only top player that kills penalties. He averages over 19:28 minutes of ice per game since he’s entered the league.
  • You would have to believe his value is low.  Nuge had a bad year last year, he had his second worst points/G and 5×5 points/60 in his career.  With Nuge I think there’s another level that he can hit.  Eberle & Hall are likely closer to the finished product.  With Nuge, in my opinion, I don’t think he’s a finished product he’s had to play center as a teenager against the best players and finally the team has some shelter around him.  I don’t feel like this is the time to trade him.
  • Nuge has the most term left on his contract.  There’s five years left.  That’s important, Eberle has three years and he’s a free agent and Hall have four years left.  The Oiler’s will have to trade one of these players or watch them leave as a free agent when players like McDavid, Drai, Nurse, Tkachuk start getting their next contracts.

What teams could potentially inquire about him?

  1. Columbus – Just traded Ryan Johansen and could use a first line center.
  2. St. Louis – Hitchcock would love this player.
  3. Minnesota – Koivu & Granlund haven’t taken a step forward.

What is the potential return?

  1. Columbus would need to be centered around Savard.  The Jackets would want to trade a contract as well to make it work.  Let’s say Nuge & Korpse for Savard, Hartnell & 2nd Round pick.  The Oiler’s could buy out Hartnell’s last year of the deal if he wasn’t playing well.  To give them the cap relieve to sign McDavid & Nurse.
  2. Blues.  Shattenkirk & a 1st Round Pick.  If I were the Oiler’s that’s what I would ask for, maybe the Oiler’s have to give a little extra.  I would give the Blues 12 million to resign PRV, Rattie, Schwartz & attempt to re-sign Brouwer.  They could move Berglund to get more cap relief.  I think that’s probably the best immediate return the Blues would get for Shattenkirk too.  I think there’s a chance he’s dealt for draft picks and young players.  If the Blues want to win next year this could be their best return.  The issue for the Oiler’s is signability that’s why they would need to ask for the additional first.
  3. Minnesota.  Dumba & Granlund for Nuge+.  Not sure what the plus would be but it might be a deal that works for both sides.  From the Wild side they might need to shed more contract.  So lets add Vanek from the Wild side and Yakupov from the Oiler’s side.  Dumba, Granlund & Vanek for Nuge, Yakupov & a mid prospect (Lagesson or something).


Jordan Eberle

Why the Oiler’s should trade him?

  • The contract.  Out of the six million dollar men, his contract ends first.
  • He’s a first line player, his 1.91 5X5 Pts/60, rank him 70th among forwards who have played 750+ minutes in the past three seasons but not elite.
  • He’s a one dimensional player.  Eberle can score but doesn’t bring another element to the game.

Why the Oiler’s shouldn’t trade him?

  • The Oiler’s depth on right wing is not strong.  After Eberle the Oiler’s currently have; Yakupov (likely to be traded), Kassian, Pakarinen, Pitlick and a couple of new signings Jere Sallinen & Patrick Russell.
  • Eberle’s value is low at this point as well.  This year was the first time since his rookie season that he’s missed more than 3 games and 47 points are also the lowest since his rookie season.
  • Eberle playing with McDavid could be an excellent candidate for a pump and dump.

What teams could potentially inquire about him?

  • Buffalo Sabres could look for top line winger.
  • New York Islanders with Okposo gone and likley not enough assets to grab Hall perhaps they turn their attention to Eberle.
  • Arizona Coyotes could use some scoring help.

What is the potential return?

  • Buffalo Sabres:  Zach Bogosian. I know he’s not what people want but he’s got good size.  His career 5×5 pts/60 is .77, only Klefbom has better numbers from the Oiler’s current defenseman.
  • New York Islanders: The likelihood of Eberle getting Hamonic is very low.  I think if he gets traded it will be to make cap space for another move (such as the Oiler’s signing Lucic).  I’ll say the Islanders first round pick & Ryan Strome or Ryan Pullock.




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