Russian Draft (10 Year Look Back)

In the last 10 years there were 100 Russian’s selected in the NHL entry draft.  The average team has selected just over 3 Russians.  The Oiler’s surprisingly, have selected more Russians than your averaged team.

  • NHL averages 10 Russians per draft in various leagues.  By eye it looks like an even split between the MHL, KHL & CHL.  I will have a deeper look later on.
  • There has been an increase in Russian drafted players the last three years: 2014 (13 Russians drafted), 2015 (18) & 2016 (17).
  • There were 11 goalies, 25 defenseman & 64 Russian players selected.
  • The breakdown by teams; Capitals (7 Russians selected), Kings, Islanders, Flyers & Lightning (6), Oilers, Rangers, Leafs (5), Panthers, Canadiens, Blues, Thrashers/Jets (4), Sabres, Hawks, Blue Jackets, Red Wings, Predators, Penguins, Sharks, Stars (3), Bruins, Flames, Avalanche, Wild, Devils, Canucks (2), Ducks, Coyotes (1) & Hurricanes & Senators (0)
  • The ‘Russian factor’ hasn’t impacted first round selections.  There have been 20 Russians selected in the first 30 selections.  Russians are also more likely to be selected in the final 30 picks in the NHL entry draft.

Here is a list of the Russian drafted players, the team that drafted them and their draft number.

# Team Player
76 Anaheim Ducks  Igor Bobkov (G)
28 Arizona Coyotes  Viktor Tikhonov (W/C)
8 Atlanta Thrashers  Alexander Burmistrov (C/W)
101 Atlanta Thrashers  Ivan Telegin (W/C)
40 Boston Bruins  Alexander Khokhlachev (C/W)
195 Boston Bruins  Maxim Chudinov (D)
12 Buffalo Sabres  Mikhail Grigorenko (C/W)
16 Buffalo Sabres  Nikita Zadorov (D)
190 Buffalo Sabres  Vasili Glotov (LW)
136 Calgary Flames  Pavel Karnaukhov (LW/C)
187 Calgary Flames  Rushan Rafikov (D)
50 Chicago Blackhawks  Artur Kayumov (LW)
109 Chicago Blackhawks  Maxim Shalunov (RW/C)
179 Chicago Blackhawks  Ivan Nalimov (G)
101 Colorado Avalanche  Andrei Mironov (D)
161 Colorado Avalanche  Sergei Boikov (D)
6 Columbus Blue Jackets  Nikita Filatov (LW/RW)
65 Columbus Blue Jackets  Vitali Abramov (RW/LW)
159 Columbus Blue Jackets  Vladislav Gavrikov (D)
10 Dallas Stars  Valeri Nichushkin (RW/LW)
12 Dallas Stars  Denis Guryanov (RW/LW)
183 Dallas Stars  Dmitri Sinitsyn (D)
19 Detroit Red Wings  Yevgeni Svechnikov (LW/RW)
201 Detroit Red Wings  Alexander Kadeykin (C
205 Detroit Red Wings  Alexei Marchenko (D)
1 Edmonton Oilers  Nail Yakupov (RW/LW)
83 Edmonton Oilers  Bogdan Yakimov (C)
88 Edmonton Oilers  Anton Slepyshev (LW/RW)
91 Edmonton Oilers  Daniil Zharkov (LW)
209 Edmonton Oilers  Ziyat Paigin (D)
14 Florida Panthers  Dmitri Kulikov (D)
114 Florida Panthers  Alexander Delnov (LW/RW)
124 Florida Panthers  Yaroslav Kosov (LW/RW)
175 Florida Panthers  Maxim Mamin (LW/RW)
32 Los Angeles Kings  Vyacheslav Voynov (D)
37 Los Angeles Kings  Valentin Zykov (LW/RW)
74 Los Angeles Kings  Alexander Dergachyov (C/RW)
121 Los Angeles Kings  Nikolai Prokhorkin (LW/C)
123 Los Angeles Kings  Andrei Loktionov (C)
158 Los Angeles Kings  Maxim Kitsyn (LW)
135 Minnesota Wild  Kirill Kaprizov (LW/RW)
196 Minnesota Wild  Dmitri Sokolov (C/W)
9 Montréal Canadiens  Mikhail Sergachyov (D)
26 Montréal Canadiens  Nikita Scherbak (RW/LW)
109 Montréal Canadiens  Alexander Avtsin (RW)
138 Montréal Canadiens  Maxim Trunyov (RW/LW)
42 Nashville Predators  Vladislav Kamenev (C/LW)
55 Nashville Predators  Yakov Trenin (C/LW)
168 Nashville Predators  Konstantin Volkov (G)
102 New Jersey Devils  Mikhail Maltsev (LW)
132 New Jersey Devils  Yegor Rykov (D)
63 New York Islanders  Andrey Pedan (D)
65 New York Islanders  Kirill Kabanov (RW/LW)
73 New York Islanders  Kirill Petrov (RW/LW)
78 New York Islanders  Ilya Sorokin (G)
95 New York Islanders  Anatoli Golyshev (LW/RW)
122 New York Islanders  Anton Klementyev (D)
75 New York Rangers  Pavel Buchnevich (W/C)
75 New York Rangers  Yevgeni Grachyov (C/W)
79 New York Rangers  Sergei Zborovsky (D)
118 New York Rangers  Igor Shestyorkin (G)
200 New York Rangers  Mikhail Pashnin (D)
7 Philadelphia Flyers  Ivan Provorov (D)
22 Philadelphia Flyers  German Rubtsov (C)
104 Philadelphia Flyers  Mikhail Vorobyov (C)
168 Philadelphia Flyers  Radel Fazleyev (C/W)
188 Philadelphia Flyers  Ivan Fedotov (G)
201 Philadelphia Flyers  Valeri Vasilyev (D)
150 Pittsburgh Penguins  Alexander Pechursky (G)
173 Pittsburgh Penguins  Anton Zlobin (RW/LW)
197 Pittsburgh Penguins  Nikita Pavlychev (C)
27 San Jose Sharks  Nikolai Goldobin (LW/RW)
166 San Jose Sharks  Daniil Sobchenko (C)
207 San Jose Sharks  Emil Galimov (RW)
16 St. Louis Blues  Vladimir Tarasenko (RW)
33 St. Louis Blues  Ivan Barbashyov (C/LW)
52 St. Louis Blues  Maxim Letunov (C)
78 St. Louis Blues  Sergei Andronov (W/C)
19 Tampa Bay Lightning  Andrei Vasilevsky (G)
27 Tampa Bay Lightning  Vladislav Namestnikov (C/LW)
58 Tampa Bay Lightning  Nikita Kucherov (RW)
148 Tampa Bay Lightning  Nikita Nesterov (D)
178 Tampa Bay Lightning  Oleg Sosunov (D)
202 Tampa Bay Lightning  Nikita Gusev (LW)
31 Toronto Maple Leafs  Yegor Korshkov (RW)
68 Toronto Maple Leafs  Rinat Valiyev (D)
122 Toronto Maple Leafs  Vladimir Bobylyov (W/C)
182 Toronto Maple Leafs  Nikolai Chebykin (RW/LW)
185 Toronto Maple Leafs  Nikita Korostelev (RW/LW)
66 Vancouver Canucks  Nikita Tryamkin (D)
114 Vancouver Canucks  Dmitri Zhukenov (C)
22 Washington Capitals  Ilya Samsonov (G)
26 Washington Capitals  Yevgeni Kuznetsov (C)
55 Washington Capitals  Dmitri Orlov (D)
58 Washington Capitals  Dmitri Kugryshev (RW/LW)
86 Washington Capitals  Stanislav Galiev (RW/LW)
203 Washington Capitals  Sergei Kostenko (G)
207 Washington Capitals  Dmitri Zaitsev (D)
157 Winnipeg Jets  Mikhail Berdin (G)
164 Winnipeg Jets  Pavel Kraskovsky (C)

Here are the number of players selected from 1st – 7th round.  Please note that based on whethre there was a compensation picks or not there might been selections in later rounds.

Draft # # of Selections
1 – 30 20
31 – 60 12
61 – 90 16
91 – 120 11
121 – 150 11
151 – 180 12
181 + 18

There were 11 goalies; Igor Bobkov (G), Ivan Nalimov (G), Konstantin Volkov (G), Ilya Sorokin (G), Ivan Fedotov (G), Igor Shestyorkin (G), Alexander Pechursky (G), Andrei Vasilevsky (G), Ilya Samsonov (G), Sergei Kostenko (G) & Mikhail Berdin (G).

There are 25 defenseman – Maxim Chudinov (D), Nikita Zadorov (D), Rushan Rafikov (D), Andrei Mironov (D),  Sergei Boikov (D), Vladislav Gavrikov (D), Dmitri Sinitsyn (D), Alexei Marchenko (D), Ziyat Paigin (D), Dmitri Kulikov (D),  Vyacheslav Voynov (D), Mikhail Sergachyov (D), Yegor Rykov (D), Andrey Pedan (D), Anton Klementyev (D), Sergei Zborovsky (D), Mikhail Pashnin (D), Ivan Provorov (D), Valeri Vasilyev (D), Nikita Nesterov (D), Oleg Sosunov (D), Rinat Valiyev (D), Dmitri Orlov (D), Dmitri Zaitsev (D) & Nikita Tryamkin (D)

There were 64 forwards selected in the last ten drafts;  Nail Yakupov (RW/LW),  Nikita Filatov (LW/RW),  Alexander Burmistrov (C/W),  Valeri Nichushkin (RW/LW),  Mikhail Grigorenko (C/W),  Denis Guryanov (RW/LW),  Vladimir Tarasenko (RW),  Yevgeni Svechnikov (LW/RW),  German Rubtsov (C),  Nikita Scherbak (RW/LW),  Yevgeni Kuznetsov (C)
Nikolai Goldobin (LW/RW),  Vladislav Namestnikov (C/LW),  Viktor Tikhonov (W/C),  Yegor Korshkov (RW),  Ivan Barbashyov (C/LW),  Valentin Zykov (LW/RW),  Alexander Khokhlachev (C/W),  Vladislav Kamenev (C/LW),  Artur Kayumov (LW),  Maxim Letunov (C)
Yakov Trenin (C/LW),  Nikita Kucherov (RW),  Dmitri Kugryshev (RW/LW),  Vitali Abramov (RW/LW),  Kirill Kabanov (RW/LW),  Kirill Petrov (RW/LW),  Alexander Dergachyov (C/RW)
Pavel Buchnevich (W/C),  Yevgeni Grachyov (C/W),  Sergei Andronov (W/C),  Bogdan Yakimov (C)
Stanislav Galiev (RW/LW),  Anton Slepyshev (LW/RW),  Daniil Zharkov (LW),  Anatoli Golyshev (LW/RW),  Ivan Telegin (W/C),  Mikhail Maltsev (LW),  Mikhail Vorobyov (C),  Maxim Shalunov (RW/C),  Alexander Avtsin (RW),  Alexander Delnov (LW/RW),  Dmitri Zhukenov (C)
Nikolai Prokhorkin (LW/C),  Vladimir Bobylyov (W/C),  Andrei Loktionov (C),  Yaroslav Kosov (LW/RW),  Kirill Kaprizov (LW/RW),  Pavel Karnaukhov (LW/C),  Maxim Trunyov (RW/LW)
Maxim Kitsyn (LW),  Pavel Kraskovsky (C),  Daniil Sobchenko (C),  Radel Fazleyev (C/W),  Anton Zlobin (RW/LW),  Maxim Mamin (LW/RW),  Nikolai Chebykin (RW/LW),  Nikita Korostelev (RW/LW)
Vasili Glotov (LW),  Dmitri Sokolov (C/W),  Nikita Pavlychev (C),  Alexander Kadeykin (C),  Nikita Gusev (LW),  Emil Galimov (RW)

Next, I will look at the goalies, defenseman and forwards separately and find out how they scored in their draft years and compared them to the draft years.


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