QMJHL Forwards – 2017 – Updated

Nico Hischier (Top 5)

  • DOB: 1999-01-04 – H: 6’1
  • The Hockey Writers:  Hischier is a very smooth skater that moves around the ice with ease. He is very agile and can make fast turns if needed. He shows decent top speed and is willing to backcheck. He is looking for opponents in the own zone and plays a decent defensive game. Although he is playing a sound defensive game, he really excels best in the offensive zone. Hischier is a very skilled playmaker and has soft hands. He is a good puckhandler and has a very well developed understanding of the game.
  • McKeen’s:  “He can beat you in so many ways,” says Halifax Mooseheads head coach Andre Tourigny. “He can beat you with faceoffs. he can beat you with defensive play. He’s really, really proud of his defence, he can beat you with his work ethic, his intensity, his skill, he can beat you on the rush. He can beat you on the power play, he can beat you on the PK. He’s a really complete player. I compare him a lot to Henrik Zetterberg when he was in his prime. When you were playing against him he was always efficient in every area of the game.”

2nd – 3rd Round

Maxime Comtois (LW) – 1999-01-08 – H: 6’2

  • Compared to Rick Nash  … Plays in all situations … Has power forward potential … Plays with an edge … Would like to see a little more offense … Entered the season as a potential top 10 pick …

Antoine Morand (C) – DOB: 1999-02-18 – H: 5’9

  • Smaller center … High end speed … Competitor will battle for puck despite size … Smart player thinks the game well …  Two-way player …

Ivan Chekhovich (LW/C) DOB: 1999-01-04 – H: 5’10

  • He’s a little undersized … Highly skilled forward can play wing or center … Excellent speed/skating ability and puckhandling skills …  Offensive player and needs to work on the defenisve side of his game

Samuel Bucek (LW) – DOB: 1998-12-19 – H: 6’3

  • Size is a plus, he will need to add muscle …  He’s a North-South player not an elite skater but can get from point A to B …  Wiling to go to the net …  Isn’t a dynamic offensive player but has potential …  Might be a draft and follow fellow …

Joël Teasdale (C) -DOB: 1999-03-11 – H: 5’11

  • Smart player … Player that does everything well but isn’t elite in any one area …  Good two-way player … Doesn’t have high end offense …

Pavel Koltygin (LW) – DOB: 1999-02-17 – H: 6′

  • Good skater … Average size, good lower body strength … Offensive player …  Hard on the puck …. Goal scorer, has a quick shot …

Yaroslav Alexeyev (LW) – DOB: 1999-01-07 – H: 5’11

  • Skinny needs to add to his frame …  Skating is a strength, he has excellent edges and top end speed …  Solid puck control …  Offensive forward with an accurate shot …

Late Round Picks

  1. Shawn Boudrias (RW) –  Excellent size (6’3) … Has a late birthday (Sept. 14, 99) … Needs to improve skating … Has good hands and willing to go to the net … Consistency is an issue …  Has good potential …
  2. D’Artagnan Joly – Tall (6’2) with a slender frame … Willing to play a physical game … Decent offensive numbers … Plays on PK …
  3. Denis Mikhnin (RW) – Little on the small size, but he’s smart, has good speed and creative.  He won’t turn 18 til middle of summer.
  4. Alex-Olivier Voyer (RW) – Big (6′), physical (102 PIMs) low end offense .31 PPG in a bottom six role …  Solid potential he has good speed and a nice shot …
  5. Ivan Kozlov (C/LW) – Skating is a question as well as his offensive upside … Average size … Plays a two-way game …
  6. Arnaud Durandeau (LW) – Smaller player, but doesn’t mind playing a physical game … Smooth stickhandler, would like to see a little more offense …  Needs to work on defensive side of his game.

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