NHL Draft (2017): Defense Overagers

Here’s a list of potential defenseman that are overage that may get drafted in this June’s draft.  I think that the first 5 should be drafted this season.

Dylan Coghlan RHD 2/19/1998 6’2 WHL 0.75
Kristians Rubins LHD 12/11/1997 6’5 WHL 0.49
Thomas Grégoire RHD 7/15/1998 5’11 QMJHL 0.97
Matt Brassard RHD 8/8/1998 6’2 OHL 0.52
Matthew Timms LHD 5/12/1998 5’10 OHL 0.93

Dylan Coghlan

  • Coghlan has good size (6’3), he’s a right hand shot defenseman, plays a physical game, and good two-way game.  I had him as a potential late round pick last year and he improved his offensive game this past season.  I think he should be selected as  a mid-round pick.

Kristians Rubins

  • Big Latvian defender, he could play with a little more edge to his game.  He has good puck skills and willing to play a physical game.  He’s raw and will take time to develop.

Thomas Grégoire

  • Smooth skating right hand shot offensive defenseman with excellent vision.  There will be concerns about size and defensive awareness.  Brings enough offense to be considered with a late round pick.

Matt Brassard

  • Has good size and plays a heavy game.  Has good mobility, and put up decent offensive totals and was a late birthday for last years draft.

Matt Timms

  • Small, smart puckmoving defenseman with excellent offensive instincts & vision.  His major concerns will be size and he’s a below average skater.

Here is another 20 defenseman that should be considered for the NHL entry draft.

  1. Ilya Karpukhin (VHL)-  He’s a smart defender has good size and postitionally sound.
  2. Matthew Hellickson (USHL) – Smart mobile defenseman with solid puck moving ability.
  3. Benjamin Gleason (OHL) – Smooth skating puckmoving defenseman with excllent vision.  Has good size needs to improve defensive side of his game.
  4. Kevin Davis (WHL) Little undersized but excellent offense on an Everett team that doesn’t score much.  Most of his points came with the man advantage.
  5. Mark Yanchevsky  (MHL)  He’s a big defender (6’6) that’s put up solid point totals in the MHL this past season.
  6. Brandon Crawley (OHL)   He’s likely to be a shudown defender, loves to play physical style of game.  Works hard, not an offensive defender but can make smart decisions with the puck.
  7. Brennan Menell  (WHL)  Offensively he’s a guy that could make the jump to the next level. He was the 3rd most effective defenseman in his age group behind Ethan Bear & Connor Hobbs (both drafted in the NHL).   So, offensively he’s solid and he has excellent vision.  The concerns are going to be size and commitment.
  8. Kristaps Zile (KHL)    Split the year between KHL & MHL (14 points in 19 games).  He’s 6’1 but a thin frame.  Has good offensive instincts but needs to work on the defensive side of the game
  9. Justin Murray  (OHL) –   Smart defender plays positionally strong and a physical game.  Not a strong skater and won’t be a point producer.
  10. Tory Dello (NCAA – Hockey East)  He’s in his final year of eligibility.  He’s a good leader works hard, plays physical and is likely a defensive defender.
  11. Dmitri Alexeyev  (VHL)   He’s a smooth skating defenseman, two-way defender and excellent hockey IQ.
  12. Owen Headrick  (NCAA)  Small right hand shot, puck moving defenseman.  He’s plays a calm game and is solid positionally.
  13. Leonid Lavrinenko  (MHL)  There’s not much details on the player but those are excellent point totals for his age in the MHL.
  14. Luke McInnis    (NCAA) Son of former NHLer (Marty) he’s a smaller puck moving defenseman with good vision.
  15. Alex Stevens (USHL)   Defenseman with decent size, final year of draft eligibilty.  Heading to Penn State.
  16. Brendan De Jong (WHL)   Good size, solid mobility and he can move the puck.  Plays a two-way game, but you’d like to see him be more physically engaged.
  17. Scott Perunovich  (USHL) Small puck moving defenseman with excellent vision.  Compared to Joey Laleggia.
  18. Jacob Bryson (NCAA)   He’s a small mobile puck-moving defenseman that put up solid numbers for Providence.
  19. Dawson Davidson (WHL) – I was a big Dawson Davidson fan last year.  But he regressed this year.  He’s a smart puck moving defenseman that is undersized.
  20. Yegor Zaitsev – (VHL) – Split the year between VHL & KHL as a young 98 born player.  His numbers at the VHL level are impressive for his age.

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