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NHL Draft: Forward Overagers

Five overage players that should be drafted and 20 that might …

Player POS League DOB H PPG
Igor Shvyrev C/LW MHL 7/10/1998 6’0 1.75
Kevin Hancock C/LW OHL 3/20/1998 5’11 1.25
Tyler Steenbergen C WHL 1/7/1998 5’10 1.25
Maxime Fortier RW QMJHL 12/15/1997 5’10 1.28
Morgan Geekie C WHL 7/20/1998 6’2 1.25

Igor Shvyrev

  • Intelligent offensive player with decent size and high-end offensive ability.  More of a playmaker than a pure goal-scorer.  Decent speed and excellent puckhandling skills.

Kevin Hancock

  • Hard-working offensive player that is willing to go to the tough areas.  Plays a two-way hockey game.  Doesn’t excel in any one area but has good hockey IQ and high compete level.

Tyler Steenbergen

  • Scored 51 goals this past season.  He’s a speedy goal-scoring forward.  He is a smart hard-working player that plays with a little gritty.

Maxime Fortier

  • Speedy goal scoring winger.  Plays on the PK, works hard.  Has good offensive instincts.  Uses his speed to pressure the dman on the fore-check.

Morgan Geekie

  • He has good size and plays a two-way game and plays in all situations.   He has excellent vision, might need to improve skating and might be a winger at the next level.

Another 20 Draft Eligible Players that might get drafted …

  1. Alexander Polunin he’s a small, fast winger but he’s a got high-end offense and excellent hockey sense.  It’s his final year of eligibility and he may not get drafted due to the Russian factor.
  2.  Jayden Halbgewachs is another small, 97 born forward.  An intelligent, hardworking offensive player.  Scored 50 goals and 101 points in WHL.
  3. Ryan Moore: Small (5’8) creative offensive forward is a speedy skater and a hard-worker.  The ’97 born had put up 1.32 PPG in the OHL.
  4. Pietrus Palmu he’s a small, skilled player with high-end offensive numbers, scoring 1.58 PPG this year in the OHL.
  5. Patrick Bajkov he’s a hardworking two-way forward.  Was in on 35% of his teams scoring this past season.
  6. Kristian Reichel he’s a smart skilled center that’s playing in the Czech men’s league.  He’s 6’1 but needs to fill out.
  7. Jack Adams a big player (6’5) entering his final draft season put up more than a point per game this year for Fargo in the USHL and will go to Union College in NCAA.
  8. Artur Tyanulin – The Russian is a smaller (5’10) playmaking forward with excellent speed.  In his final year of eligibility.
  9. Nick Swaney – Right-hand shot center with excellent speed, hard-worker and good offensive numbers.  Committed to Univ of Minn-Duluth.
  10. Jordan Topping – Hard-working winger with good size and speed.  Battles hard in the corners and put up decent numbers in his final year of eligibility.
  11. Jordan Kawaguchi – He’s a small offensive forward in BCHL.  He’s put up huge numbers the last two seasons.  Heading to North Dakota.  Cousin is Devin Setoguchi.
  12. Kohen Olischefski – Average size speedy winger with good offense heading to Univ of Denver.
  13. Alex Limoges – Strong forward with good size and is a leader.  He’s put up decent offensive numbers.
  14. Brandon Saigeon.  He has good size (6’2) he was a former top 5 OHL pick.  He tripled his offense this year and he went from being a -25 player to a +26.
  15. Drake Rymsha plays a physical game, good faceoff, plays a two-way game.  Decent size (6′) and is a right-hand shot.  He was young for last years draft (August birthday).
  16. Justin Brazeau he’s a raw player, with excellent size (6’5) with good hands and a good work ethic.
  17. Alex Barre-Boulet excellent work ethic, smooth hands and good hockey sense.  Needs to improve on his skating and strength.
  18. Vladimir Kuznetsov strong Russian power forward has good puck skills.  Needs to improve his skating. plays in the QMJHL.
  19. Domenic Commisso skilled, smooth skating offensive forward works hard at the defensive side of the game as well.
  20. Brayden Burke smart offensive player that’s a good skater.  Final year of draft eligibilty.  Likely would need to get stronger.

QMJHL Defense

There are no defense that are projected in the first round.

2nd – 3rd Round

Pierre-Olivier Joseph (D) DOB: 1999-07-01 / H: 6′ / SH: L

  • Smart, smooth skating defenseman …  Size is below average for a defender will have trouble against bigger forwards … Good puck moving defenseman, but might not have a quality shot to run a PP.

Late Round Picks

  1. Jocktan Chainey (LD) – Two-way defender with good size.  He’s got good size (6’1) and a late birthday (Sept, 8, 99) … Positionally sound and good mobility …
  2. Leon Gawanke (D) –  RHS offensive defensman, makes good outlet passes … Average size (6’1) … Needs to work on the defensive side …
  3. Matteo Pietroniro (D) – Gritty two-way defender with offensive upside …
  4. David Noel (D) – Good puckmoving defenseman is has played well to finish the season 7 points in 8 games in the playoffs thus far.
  5. Antoine Crête-Belzile (D) – He’s a defenseman with good speed and is positionally sound … Had some injury concerns …
  6. Saku Vesterinen (D) – Solid defensive defenseman (right hand shot) … Limited offensive upside and he’s on the small side (5’11) …
  7. Darien Kielb (D) – He’s a 6’1 LHS defense …  Doesn’t bring much offense …

European Forwards

European Forwards

  1. Jesper Boqvist – Born Oct. 98 … Got 6 points in 16 SHL games …  Has above average puck skill, skating and hockey smarts …  Likely a 3rd round pick or late 2nd … McKenzie had him rated 68th on mid-term ratings. … Perimeter player not overly physical …  Creative hockey player, has NHL skills but needs to get stronger
  2. Filip Chytil – One of the youngest draft eligible players (Sept, 5, 1999) … Played in the Czech Elite league against men as a 17 year-old.  Last year as scored 50 points in 30 games in the Czech U18 league as a 16 year-old …  Numbers are similar to Dominik Simon (Penguins 2015 draft pick 5th round) …  Slightly below average height … Solid offensive instincts … Stickhandling is a plus … Speedy skater … (75 – 100)
  3. Rickard Hugg – Smaller speedy forward (5’10) … Put up decent offensive numbers in the Swedish Junior league … Plays a smart two-way game … (100 – 150)
  4. Emil Bemstrom – Put up 21 goals in 28 games in the SuperElit league …  Has a late birthday June, 1, 99 … Speedy skater …  Despite his size he’s willing to go in the corners … (100 – 150)
  5. Joni Ikonen – Ranked 73rd by Future Considerations … 5’10 RHS Center born April, 14th, 99 …  Nice shot, above-average skating, defensively responsible … Plays a gritty physical game … Size is a concern …  Sometimes overhandles the puck … (100 – 150)
  6. Alexandre Texier:  One of the youngest players in the draft Sept, 13, 99 …  He’s 6′ tall … Plays in the France Elite league against men and former NHL prospects …  In the playoffs he scored 9 points in 10 games …  Skating is a plus he’s quick …  Offensive upside … Been rated as a mid-late round selection … Most recent France prospect was Da Costa who put up 23 points in 9 games in his pre-draft season (he played in the NAHL in his draft year) in U18.  Texier’s numbers were 70 points in 17 games!  … (150 – 200)
  7. Jesse Koskenkorva:  Two-way center … Above average speed … Ranked 26th by Central Scouting mid-term … Averaged a PPG in top Finnish junior league … He’s 6′ tall so a little below average … 5th/6th round (150-200)
  8. Kirill Slepets:  Highly skilled small forward … Projected to be a mid-round pick … Skating is a plus … Would like to see a little more offense – (150 – 200)
  9. Fabian Zetterlund – Late birthday Aug, 25, 1999 .. Short but stocky and strong … Has a hard acurate shot …  Smart, hard-working forward … (150 – 200)
  10. Jonas Røndbjerg – Plays a responsible two-way game … High hockey IQ …The Dane played in Sweden’s junior league this year … Not overly big (6′) and would like a little more offense … (150 – 200)
  11. Tim Wahlgren – Wahlgren is an overager (March, 8, 98) I had him rated as a 4th/5th round grade last year.  He’s a (6’1) two-way player that put up decent numbers in the SuperElite the past two seasons and an intelligent forward.  … (150 – 200)
  12. Jakub Lacka: Smart player with good speed … RHS winger small winger (5’10) … The Slovakian was born Nov. 20th, 1998 & split year between Czech U18 & U20 league …  Averaged 2 PPG in the U18  … Likely a late round pick (150 – 200)
  13. Patrik Hrehorcak:  5’10 Slovakian playing in the Czech U20 …  Good offensive numbers 55 points in 42 games … Smooth skater with good offensive instincts … Potential mid-late round pick (150 – 200)
  14. Lauri Pajuniemi:  Slighly below average for size (5’11) … Would like a little more offense … Very young (Sept. 12, 1999) … Smooth skaking skill forward with solid puck skills … Potential late round pick (150 – 200)
  15. Filip Krivosik:  Big Slovakian (6’4) playing in his 3rd country (Slovakia, Czech & Finland) in three seasons …  He has decent offense … Plays a physical game … Doesn’t have high-end offense but could be a complementary player … May only be a checking forward … (150 – 200)
  16. Emil Oksanen: Older draft eligible player born Sept, 25, 1998 … Average size (6’1) … Skilled winger good offensive upside, good shot …  Played in Mestis league a Semi-Pro league in Finland … Needs some work defensively and is a bit raw but good upside (150-200)
  17. Emil Westerlund … Overager, born Feb, 16, 98 … Committed to Univ of Maine … Can chip in with the odd goal (27 goals in 42 games) and plays with speed … Likely a bottom six player … (200 – 250)
  18. Oskar Stål Lyrenäs – Overager (March, 23, 98).  Averaged .78 PPG in SuperElit league last season.  Doesn’t bring much offense. (200 – 250)
  19. Pavel Shen:  Small forward – 5’9 with a late birthday … Close to a PPG (.97) in the MHL … Did not play in international tournaments … Possibly a late round pick (200 – 250)
  20. Filip Sveningsson – More of a goal-scorer than a passer … I little on the smaller side 6′ .. Likely a late round selection if he’s drafted … Needs to improve defensively and consistancy …  (200 – 250)
  21. Thomas Reichell:  Big center (6’3) … Likely a late-round pick or will be passed over … Offensive production is behing players like Tobias Reider & Tomas Kuhnhackl at similar ages.  He compares to former Flyer pick Noebels & Penguins pick Frederick Tiffelsin terms of production … (200 – 250)
  22. Georgi Ivanov:  He’s ranked a couple of reports to be a mid-round pick …  He brings below average offense … He’s 6′ and is one of the older 1st year draft eligible prospects (Sept, 25, 98) …  He plays a gritty two-way game, likely a bottom six player(200-250)
  23. Daniil Skorikov:  Not much details about this player … He’s 6’3 winger with average/below average offense … Ranked 23rd by Central Scouting Mid-Term rankings … Potential late round pick (200 – 250)
  24. Razat Timirov:  Below Average size (5’11) … Skilled forward with decent offense … Long shot to get drafted (200 – 250)
  25. Erik Smolka:  Not much scouting report but decent numbers and good size … Scored 1.42 PPG in Slovakian U20 league … 98 Born (Nov) … Good size 6’2 … Likely undrafted (200 – 250)
  26. Marek Skvrne:  Small center (5’11) from Czech Rep … Can play a chippy game and he’s a leader  … Offense is a little shy but similar to Columbus draft pick Lukas Sedlak … Potential late round pick. (150 – 200)
  27. Pavel Voronkov:  He’s average size or sligly below average … He’s solid positionally and has good hockey sense … Good offensive instincts and could be a scoring forward … Oct. 98 birthday … (150 – 200)

Additional Sites:

QMJHL Forwards – 2017 – Updated

Nico Hischier (Top 5)

  • DOB: 1999-01-04 – H: 6’1
  • The Hockey Writers:  Hischier is a very smooth skater that moves around the ice with ease. He is very agile and can make fast turns if needed. He shows decent top speed and is willing to backcheck. He is looking for opponents in the own zone and plays a decent defensive game. Although he is playing a sound defensive game, he really excels best in the offensive zone. Hischier is a very skilled playmaker and has soft hands. He is a good puckhandler and has a very well developed understanding of the game.
  • McKeen’s:  “He can beat you in so many ways,” says Halifax Mooseheads head coach Andre Tourigny. “He can beat you with faceoffs. he can beat you with defensive play. He’s really, really proud of his defence, he can beat you with his work ethic, his intensity, his skill, he can beat you on the rush. He can beat you on the power play, he can beat you on the PK. He’s a really complete player. I compare him a lot to Henrik Zetterberg when he was in his prime. When you were playing against him he was always efficient in every area of the game.”

2nd – 3rd Round

Maxime Comtois (LW) – 1999-01-08 – H: 6’2

  • Compared to Rick Nash  … Plays in all situations … Has power forward potential … Plays with an edge … Would like to see a little more offense … Entered the season as a potential top 10 pick …

Antoine Morand (C) – DOB: 1999-02-18 – H: 5’9

  • Smaller center … High end speed … Competitor will battle for puck despite size … Smart player thinks the game well …  Two-way player …

Ivan Chekhovich (LW/C) DOB: 1999-01-04 – H: 5’10

  • He’s a little undersized … Highly skilled forward can play wing or center … Excellent speed/skating ability and puckhandling skills …  Offensive player and needs to work on the defenisve side of his game

Samuel Bucek (LW) – DOB: 1998-12-19 – H: 6’3

  • Size is a plus, he will need to add muscle …  He’s a North-South player not an elite skater but can get from point A to B …  Wiling to go to the net …  Isn’t a dynamic offensive player but has potential …  Might be a draft and follow fellow …

Joël Teasdale (C) -DOB: 1999-03-11 – H: 5’11

  • Smart player … Player that does everything well but isn’t elite in any one area …  Good two-way player … Doesn’t have high end offense …

Pavel Koltygin (LW) – DOB: 1999-02-17 – H: 6′

  • Good skater … Average size, good lower body strength … Offensive player …  Hard on the puck …. Goal scorer, has a quick shot …

Yaroslav Alexeyev (LW) – DOB: 1999-01-07 – H: 5’11

  • Skinny needs to add to his frame …  Skating is a strength, he has excellent edges and top end speed …  Solid puck control …  Offensive forward with an accurate shot …

Late Round Picks

  1. Shawn Boudrias (RW) –  Excellent size (6’3) … Has a late birthday (Sept. 14, 99) … Needs to improve skating … Has good hands and willing to go to the net … Consistency is an issue …  Has good potential …
  2. D’Artagnan Joly – Tall (6’2) with a slender frame … Willing to play a physical game … Decent offensive numbers … Plays on PK …
  3. Denis Mikhnin (RW) – Little on the small size, but he’s smart, has good speed and creative.  He won’t turn 18 til middle of summer.
  4. Alex-Olivier Voyer (RW) – Big (6′), physical (102 PIMs) low end offense .31 PPG in a bottom six role …  Solid potential he has good speed and a nice shot …
  5. Ivan Kozlov (C/LW) – Skating is a question as well as his offensive upside … Average size … Plays a two-way game …
  6. Arnaud Durandeau (LW) – Smaller player, but doesn’t mind playing a physical game … Smooth stickhandler, would like to see a little more offense …  Needs to work on defensive side of his game.

NHL Draft Links

Top Draft Links:


NHL Draft: European Goalies

List of Top European Goalies

Mikhail Berdin (G)

  • McKeens Hockey: a poised, economical goalie with solid agility and quick reflexes .. plays a technical hybrid of styles – stand-up, butterfly, paddle-down .. does a sound job of tracking pucks and staying aware of his surroundings .. collapses to his knees comfortably – and is quick and efficient getting back to his feet .. moves side-to-side with a strong leg push – and maintains solid body form and control as he moves .. stays calm and shows excellent patience – notably 1-on-1 against shooters .. sustains composure under heavy pressure .. generally plays low to the ice and close to home on plays in and around his net – but will move out and challenge shooters on his feet .. manages rebounds well – quick to mop up loose pucks – using his stick and glove effectively .. will need to develop physically and thicken up a sizeable 6-2 frame .. listed at just 165 pounds.

Filip Gustavsson (G)

  • TSN: Pretty composed in the net and reads the play well and adjusts accordingly.  Good economy of movement and he doesn’t open up holes.  Good mobility and lateral agility.

Niilo Halonen (G)

  • Over The Boards:  Big and composed goalie Niilo Halonen could become a really good one, he’s been consistent over the last two seasons.

Veini Vehviläinen (G)

  • Stanley Cup of Chowder:  At 6’1 and 183lbs he’s not a big goalie, which would seem to go against the NHL trend.  Vehviläinen is strong in lateral movement, solid positionally already and has a fast glove-hand.

Vladislav Sukhachyov (G)

  • Hockey’s Future: Not the biggest of goalies, Vladislav Sukhachyov is still having a good season both in the MHL and with the national team in the various international tournaments he has competed in. A very mobile goalie with good instincts, Sukhachyov has to work on his consistency and rebound control, but he has good tools and great potential.

Daniel Marmenlind (G)

  • Hockey Prospectus:  He is an aggressive goalie with good athletic ability and quickness. He needs to become more consistent and stronger in all the aspects of his game but I’d really would like to see him develop his stick handling abilities which, with his more standing style, would give him an edge on equally talented goalies. For the NHL draft I see him as a late round pick if he gets drafted this year.

Wouter Peeters (G)

  • RedLine Report: Even guys who had written him off before as being too raw and too much of a project have come back to give Peeters another gander. Size, of course, is his main selling point and although he’s a bit up and down, he’s athletic and has good upside.

Adam Brizgala (G)

  • The Draft Analyst:  Wide-bodied backstop who began the year with a tremendous performance at the Ilvan Hlinka, then got hurt and had to missed practically the whole season. There was a point when he was considered the best goalie available for the draft, albeit for only a few months, and for good reason. He’s listed at 6’0, 209 pounds but is exceptionally quick and decisive, and his ability to properly reset after three or even four shots is almost pro-level. Brizgala plays a traditional butterfly and will venture outside of the blue paint to challenge shots, and he’s quick with the glove either when static or sliding across. He’s not the best puck handler, but it won’t make or break his chance at making higher levels of play. Muskegon in the USHL recently drafted him, so he may cross the pound sooner than later.

Leevi Laakso (G)

  • CKSN:  The 5-foot-10 goaltender certainly didn’t Canada many holes to shoot at as he flashed his quick reflexes and kicked out shots with ease.

Matteo Ritz (G)

  • Hockey’s Future: The calm and big butterfly goalie shows strong athleticism and could rescue the team’s average defensive group.


Long Shots:

  • Sergei Bolshakov (G) Born in June, 96 this is his final draft year.  He has good size, posted a solid SV% and is signed to play for Sochi in the KHL next year.
  • Georgi Kuznetsov (G) – Kuznetsov is a 6’2 goalie, ranked 9th by NHL Central Scouting European goalies and posted a .912 SV% in MHL.
  • Josef Korenar (G): Ranked 4th by Central Scouting.  Did not have a strong U18 tournament.
  • Filip Larsson (G) he’s young (Aug 17th birthday) and he has decent size but his save % is not good (.872).



NHL Draft: European Forward

This is a post to review the remaining European forward group – Swiss, Slovak, Germany, Norway & Denmark.
Auston Matthews (C) (1st)

  • Elite Prospects: A high octane dynamo that thrives under the microscope, Auston Matthews is a complete offensive forward who consistently boasts quick hands, feet, and thinking at both ends of the ice. Naturally nimble skater that accelerates to top speed very quickly. An unwavering focus on fine tuning elements of his own game facilitates confidence and competence in his young, but mature, mind. Prolific goal scoring ability and doesn’t wait for opportunities to show themselves. He makes his own luck, so to speak, maximizing the use of his body and stick to gain leverage against the toughest of opponents. All-in-all, a generational talent that has the potential to develop into a top flight franchise center. (Curtis Joe, EP 2016)
  • Yahoo Sports:  Said a European amateur scout, “He’s the perfect player … size, tools, skills, sense, finishing ability, driven personality. It’s tough to find any faults. He wants to be like Toews. Tells a lot and it’s quite accurate.”

    Said a North American scout, “He’s your typical franchise centerman who can do everything. He’s a Kopitar type of mold where he’s big and powerful and smooth and can make plays in all different manners and he competes.”

Pius Suter (C/LW)  (100 – 150)

  • Elite Prospects:  Offensive center that plays a sound all-around game. Never gives up on the play and possesses a versatile set of individual skills. Has a goal scorer’s mindset, but is dependable at both ends of the ice; can contribute in a number of different ways. Though he isn’t the biggest player, that is nullified due to his willingness to battle against bigger players.

Tobias Eder (C) (100 – 150)

  • McKeen’s: Decent skater who reaches excellent top-end speed .. possesses strong vision and on-ice awareness of his teammates as he finds open space with a quick look and can feed them with crisp passes right into their wheel-house .. a right-shooting winger and an ideal addition to a power play where he is constantly in motion to create space and put himself in a scoring position .. possesses a quick release and fine puck control .. skilled at receiving a pass with his back to the goal and then spinning rapidly and unleashing a hard and accurate shot

Marco Miranda (LW)

  • Elite Prospects:  Marco Miranda is an offensive forward with a nice combination of size and speed. Is a fine puck handler who owns very good offensive instincts and scoring touch. Miranda is an excellent skater, with very good quickness. Needs to make better use of his size, while he does protect the puck nicely, Miranda tends to avoid contact and plays a rather soft game. Possesses decent shooting abilities and is a valuable option on the power play. (by Rafik Soliman, April 2016)
  • Hockey Prospectus:  His size and ability to score goals makes him one of the more interesting Swiss prospects in this draft class. Furthermore, he is a decent skater and shows good mobility. Where he really needs to get better is how he uses his big size. Does not play physical enough and needs to add strength. Miranda owns some offensive upside but he is considered a long shot and I do not see him getting drafted this year. He first has to prove himself next season in the highest Swiss league.

Damien Riat (C/RW) (150 – 200)

  • Hockeys Future:  Riat is a decent skater with good offensive instincts who is a dependable two-way player. He hasn’t made the expected progress on the physical side of his game and still has plenty of room to get stronger.

Raphael Prassl (C/RW) (150 – 200)

  • Hockey Prospectus: Raphael Prassl is a very intelligent two-way center who can make plays at both ends of the ice. Offensively, he uses his strong vision and passing to setup plays and defensively he backchecks hard and cuts angles and passing lanes with his active stick. However, his compete level and lack of physical game will probably keep him away from getting drafted.

Late Round / Long Shots:

  • Petter Grønstad (LW) second year draft eligible player.  Recorded over 2 points / game in the Junior league.  Might be worth a 7th round pick.
  • Kaj Suter (C) Swiss center was ranked 123rd European by Central Scouting.
    Lee Roberts (RW/LW) Right hand shot winger from Switzerland has good size and scored well in Junior.
    Peter Bjaloncik (C) Predominately played for the U18 Slovak team and scored well.  He also played for the U20 Slovak league and scored 12 points in 18 games.  Has a late birthday and might be worth a late round pick.  Not much scouting reports on him.
    Dominik Volejnicek (RW) Was the captain of the U18 Swiss team.  Played on the top Swiss league and had a strong playoffs 8 points in 9 games.
    Nikolaj Krag Christensen (C/LW) big forward (6’3) has put up good numbers against lower division opponents.